Monday, November 13, 2006

Every heard of Freecycle?

There's something great I'd like to share with you. It's called Freecycle. If you have never heard of it, I'll explain. Freecycle is a network of people connected online who post items they would like to get rid of. Items that may still be of good use. The idea is to keep such items out of landfills! There are local freecycle groups for most areas of the country. For more information or to read about joining a group in your area, please visit
If you do join a local group, please heed some good advice on interacting on the board. Make sure you read all the rules regarding posting your items to get rid of. They are specific, but very easy to follow. If you see an offer that you are interested in getting, simply email that person in a courteous way, maybe including a short idea of a way you could put it to good use or passing it on to someone who could make use of it. Remember sometimes the items get a lot of responses, so don't get too disappointed if you don't get something you want. I always offer to re-freecycle any portion of something if I can't use all of the pieces or whatnot. If you are chosen as a recipient, make a pick up time that will fit both your schedule and the person giving the item, and most importantly show up when scheduled! You wouldn't want to get a bad reputation as a no-show-er. Also, if something does come up, email that person at your earliest convenience to let them know. I always like to follow up with a Thank You email. And that's pretty much it! I have given a few things away that I didn't need anymore, and I have gotten many many things that have really helped me out.
I can't even begin to remember them all, but here's a partial list of things I have received and/or given away:
-coat tree
-shelves (plastic, metal, and wooden decorative ones!)
-TV tables (set of 4 with a stand to store them!)
-fish tank supplies
-audio tapes on learning to speak Italian
-black wrought iron fireplace screen
-tables (a card table and a small kitchen table to use in my laundry room)
-clothes rack
-standing oscillating fan
-bed spread
-Tons and Tons of scrapbooking supplies
-work out videos
-vhs movies
-powdered sugar
-floor pillows
-purses or tote bags
-craft supplies
-cat items
-computer parts
-wine bottles & corks
-baby clothes and items
-baby gates
-Christmas items
The list goes on and on and on!
Good luck and happy freecycling!