Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give Me Five Monday Meme is coming back!

I know it has been a few months I've decided to take a break from the Monday meme called Give Me Five! My apologies to all those who enjoyed playing along, I just have not been able to get back in that blogging place where GM5 is my priority. Well, that is about to change!

Very soon, I will be starting the meme again and we will have all sorts of new topics to post about! As always, please leave a comment or email me with your topic suggestions. Just try to remember that they need to be know, they need to be open to a wide range of people. For instance, I might ask you to Give Me Five songs from your Mp3 players that you just can't help but to sing along to. Or something like that :)

So stay tuned, The GM5 is coming back!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Count me in...

I've been thinking about alot of random things lately. One particular thought that lingers is how lazy we are these days with all our modern inventions. I remember hearing my grandma talk about making soap. Yeah, making it into bars to wash their clothes and persons. What???

We are so lazy now, we not only have liquid soap with a pump dispenser on top, oh no! We now have pumps that give off foaming soap suds! Are we really so lazy it's too much effort for us to rub our hands together to lather up the soap, we need a pump to dispense it out that way? What's next? A diet pill for cats?

Eh, why not? Besides, with Bath and Body works, the foam dispensers come in such wonderful flavors! LOL My fave for the kitchen is Coconut Lime Verbena, just in case anyone wants to pick one up for me as a gift sometime. Or Dancing Waters is great for my bathroom! :) (Pssst, they are on sale right now, too!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

I need something.......

Today feels like a needy day. I can just tell that there's something I need today more than other days. What can it be? Breakfast? No, that's not it. Exercise? Probably, but that's not quite it either. Horse supplements? No, most likely not since I'm fresh out of stallions this week. Oh I know what it is! I woke up at 5 am today in an effort to get to work by 6:30 am. Didn't happen. There were a couple of days this week I didn't get my full 8 hours in and today I have to leave early to get to my second job. I did get here at 7 am which is like 3 1/2 hours earlier than I have been in the past! Oh, did I mention I didn't go to sleep until 2 am? No, today, I need COFFEE!!!

Good morning, coffee. You're just what I need! And keep em' coming, between the two jobs, I'll work 15 hours. Not too much but more than I'm used to. And waaaaay more than the 3ish hours of sleep I got will cover! Pray for me!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet contest, sweet prize!

I just found out about a sweet contest that Kat is having over at My Single Mom Life. The prize is this great apron called 'Summer Lemons' that would go perfectly in my new kitchen!!

This apron is just one of many created and available over at Jessie Steele's website. I happen to love this bright yellow and green print so I'd be very excited to win! If you are interested in trying to win as well, go over and read up about the contest and all the ways you can enter. Or not, that would give me a greater vantage point :-P


I won the contest for the apron!!! Thanks Kat for hosting the contest and thanks to the people over at Jessie Steele for giving away this beautiful apron. I can't wait to wear it in my kitchen!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crazy weather we're having!

Please don't take this as a complaint but we are having some crazy temperatures for the middle of July, the hottest time of the year in the Midwest!

Today's forecasted high was only 70! You heard me correctly...although, the website says it's actually 77 right now in St. Louis. There is rain all around us but the ground is dry from what I can see out of my office window.

So much for sweating off the pounds, guess I'll have to buy diet pills online! Well, perhaps I can hold off on that....actually this is *perfect* weather for getting outdoor exercise! No beaming sun to burn your skin, no humidity to steal your breath away but you can still get a sweat on! LOL Too bad I'm either working or in class or helping with VBS or at meetings every night this week! Ugh already, I never get to do what I want to do...bleh!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Wicked' movie buzz

I'm hearing some buzz about a production company making the Broadway musical 'Wicked' into a movie in 2010. Everyone here should already know, I am a *HUGE* Wicked fan, it is magnificent! The music, the characters, the costumes, the story, the music!!! I've seen it both times it has rolled through St. Louis and I have the CD soundtrack handy at all times for those Wicked moments I need to sing about. I already know the musical production will be coming back around again to the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis in June of 2010, so how will the opening of a 'Wicked' movie within the same year affect the still touring production of the musical?

I'm having some reservations about the 'Wicked' movie being able to live up to the very theatrical and dramatic musical production. Will it even be a movie-musical or will they simply make it a movie more like from the book? We'll have to see I guess, but if you have not already seen Wicked the musical, do that first before you consider seeing the movie.

I am excited at the thought that the movie could be a good representation of the magic and pageantry that is the musical because every time it's over, I want to watch it over again! Stay tuned folks, this is a story I will be keeping my eyes on as it develops.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

'Deuce' bag

Today I saw a man walking his two small dogs through the neighborhood. The first thing I looked for was, well to be honest...I looked to see if the man had a poo disposal bag on hand. You'd be surprised at how many people come unprepared but this guy was packin'. Great!

What I saw next baffled me a bit.

Perhaps he was contemplating some term life quotes he received earlier in the day and just wasn't paying attention but after one of his dogs copped a squat, the man just walked on! Clean bag in hand. The poo was just left there on the neighbor's lawn! What's the point of a 'deuce' bag if you don't use it!? The City of St. Louis has provisions for feces removal according to section 10.04.310 of ordinance number 66384, for just such an occasion. Obviously he knew this because he brought the bag along, right?

Perhaps he carries the empty bag as a criticism deterrent. He cares *just enough* to keep the watchful eyes at bay. You know, if a neighbor happens along, he can put it to use. If not, the poo is as good as fertilizer and the unused plastic bag lives on for another day. Win, win, win.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hello, Friday!

What a great day to enjoy a nice tall hot cup of joe! I like mine sweet and creamy, how about you?

This weekend's plans are a mixed bag for me. Saturday I have off work from both jobs but have alot to do at home. Cleaning and much needed laundry and I *need* to work on my yard sale stuff! So there goes Saturday!

Then on Sunday, I have to be up and at my second job at 7 am! Now for those of you who know me, this is going to be a real trick for me, Queen of late nights and late mornings! Then I need to get some rest because Monday and Tuesday I am working from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm at #1 and then 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm at #2! Two days in a row! It's all good though, I need the cash. I really need to start looking for another full time job again, though.

My boss is hounding my mom about her getting a part time job because he can't afford payroll. Well we have more than enough work here to keep us busy beyond full time so...I don't know what to tell him. Our clients just aren't paying us even though we're doing the work! But I digress, that is for another post entirely!

So, working on Sunday morning means, yep you guessed it, NO CHURCH AGAIN! It has been like 2 months or more since I've been to church on Sunday morning. I just can't seem to get there! That's another reason why it sucks that our church only has Sunday morning service. If you have to miss, too bad for you! You'll have to wait a week and hope for the best....don't get me started!

So that's it! My weekend is already spent and it's still Friday! LOL How about you, any plans for fun this weekend?? It's supposed to rain for the next 7 days here in St. Louis, perhaps your part of the world will have better weather for fun!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New addiction: Restaurant City on Facebook

Ok, here I go again! No, not shopping for much needed lighting for my way too dark apartment, I'm spending my free time (and some not 'free' time) playing yet another Facebook game!!! This time, it's not farms and crops, it's chefs and menus!!

Journeyman's Inn 7/8/09

Restaurant City is a really fun game by Playfish, kinda like a Sims game. You have employees that you have to assign jobs to, a restaurant to name and decorate and also make functional, a menu to gather ingredients for and restrooms to keep clean so your customers don't complain and give you thumbs down. It's great! I'm having a blast with it trying to keep my approval rating up as high as I can get it. The highest I've had it was right around 48 and the highest possible is 50, so that was a good day. Of course you get a bigger restaurant and more employees as you get more and more gourmet points for serving customers who pay $2 each or the meal. Your employees have individual energy levels that you have to maintain at a decent level, otherwise they begin to work more slowly and your customers will complain and leave, giving you a thumbs down LOL

If you are on Facebook, why not check it out! And if we are friends, we will get 1 free ingredient the first time we visit each other's restaurant! :)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Momma's coming home today!

No, she hasn't been gone shopping for industrial supplies, she's been in the hospital!

She had been up all night throwing up and having a terrible fever. By the next morning, you could see she wasn't feeling well at all. So we took her to the ER and sure enough she had a 103.1 degree fever!

After all the tests were ran and she had some various medications going in, she was beginning to feel better. As it turns out, she had cellulitis and we didn't even know it! There are a few other health issues going on including being diagnosed with diabetes. So be looking for lots of diabetic talk in upcoming posts as we begin a journey together to change our lives to be diabetic friendly. I am on a mission to learn as much as I can about the foods and eating plans of anyone and everyone diabetic! I want to create yummy recipes to prove that a diabetic diagnosis isn't 'the end of the world' like most people think. More later on that but for now, momma is coming home today and there is lots to do!