Friday, March 27, 2009

Proactiv, you owe me a pillowcase!!!

Let's have a talk about beauty and health care for a minute. I promise, no talk about such colorful topics as colon cleanse or wart remover!

I had been happy for years with my Bio Matte Oil Free skin care products from Arbonne. I loved it! It really kept my face looking good as long as I used it regularly. I couldn't believe the difference in my skin and overall look in just the first week alone! Well, like all good products that you find work great for you, the line was discontinued by Arbonne and the next generation line was nothing I even cared to use on my face. The feel was wrong the smell was wrong and the lotion didn't have any SPF in it. Bleh.

So the search has continued for years of me trying to find a good system that I like and works well for my combination skin. I've tried various Avon products that were only 'Ok'. They had a moisturizer that would irritate my eyes. So I'm still looking.

Last week, I realized my mom had purchased the Proactiv system to try and had never used it. So I finally got around to trying it last night before bed. I used Step #1, the cleanser followed by Step #2, the toner and then after a time of air drying, I went on to Step #3, the repairing lotion. My face felt pretty good when I went to bed, I must admit! And the fragrance itsn't too bothersome.

The problem came when I woke up today and saw that the pillow case to my brand new sheet set is all bleached out where my face had been all night!!!!!!!! What is up with that? Should I be worried about my clothes during the day if I have this on my face? And if it can do that to a green pillowcase, what is it doing to my skin??? Ugh, Proativ, you owe me a pillowcase!!! I miss my Bio Matte from Arbonne! Waaaaaaah!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Late night drama in the city

Tonight at approximately 1:03 am, I was jolted out of bed by the loud sounds of a car accident in front of my apartment. The weather is cool tonight but I have the windows open anyway. So I grab my phone and dial 911 before I even have time to throw on some clothes. I was already in bed, mind you!

So, I ran to the front living room windows and look out. I had to tell the dispatcher on the phone that I heard a terrible crash but now that I'm looking I could only see some debris in the street, I couldn't see any cars! Then out the door and into the street. By this time, other neighbors began to emerge and my attention was directed to about 2 blocks down the street where you could see a white car stopped in the street. As it turns out, this guy had hit the car parked on the street in front of my parking lot and from the vantage point of my apartment, you couldn't see the damage to the car. It's totaled on the other side.

He then proceeded down the street until his right front tire broke off to the right and the car stopped about a foot short of hitting a second car. The other neighbors and myself walked down the street and greeted a young man who was walking around the car. He was almost laughing. I asked him if this was his car and he said, "Yeah, this is my car. I just need to move it over there and park it." I asked him if he was driving and he was like, "Yeah I was...I just need to move it over here."

WOW! Drunk or high much?

Later we saw the drunk/high (maybe both) driver in the back of one of the squad cars. Congratulations dummy, you've won a free night's jail....YESSSSSSS!!! The unfortunate owner of the totaled car never did come out. One of the officers ran the plates on it and it was registered to an address for across the street but he couldn't gain entrance into the building to notify them of the accident situation. They are gonna be ticked off in the morning!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Vacation time dreaming

Every time the weather goes from dreary and drab wintery overcast clouds to bright and warm springy blue skies...I want to get out of Dodge! I always want to take a vacation and go see the world and get out of this office! Ugh...

This has been one drawback of working for a business that prepares tax returns, as soon as the weather is getting nicer, that is when we have to work the most hours! Although I am not directly involved in the tax preparations much around here these past few years, I still can't take any time off until after the April 15th tax deadline because I need to be here to do my job since my boss doesn't have enough time to get done what he has to do, much less having time for my work, too.

So, until then, there will be no flight plans, no road trips, no days in the sun at all!! Ok, I'll stop crying in my soup for now...I'm just satisfied to still have a job in this economy!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Name is Earl: Karma theology

I have really enjoyed the sitcom My Name is Earl. I've watched the show since it began! I get a kick out of the situations they find/get themselves in and how Earl uses karma theology to right wrongs from his past. It's great entertainment!

Tonight's show entitled 'Witch Lady' seemed a bit after-school-special to me. It was nice to see Betty White working again but the 'let's not put labels on people' set-up and speech by Earl was a bit predictable to say the least. Hopefully they won't have any trouble raising the content bar back up to it's previous level in the future. It's been a really funny (and odd) show for me, wouldn't want to have nix it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cirque Dreams, A jungle fantasy! TONIGHT

Tonight I have a ticket to see Cirque Dreams, A jungle fantasy at the fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Mo.

I'm pretty sure it's a sort of Cirque Du Soleil ripoff. But still, I can't wait! I have only been to the circus one time, when I was 21 no less, and I loved it. Also, I've never been to a ballet of any kind so for me this is a fun combination of both! I'm excited. I just wish I would have ordered a pair of opera glasses from ebay by now. I think they'd come in real handy on nights like these. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

My momma really, really loves me.

This was waiting for me on my desk this morning. My momma really, really loves me!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You can find me on Facebook!

Ok, I finally caved in and joined Facebook. Now, I'm totally addicted! I'm finding myself not even checking my email as much as FB. And the best part? I've been reunited with an old best friend that I had grown apart from years ago! When we were friends last, she had 2 sons around the age of 6 & 5....the oldest is graduating high school in May and she has another son who's now 7!!! It's just wonderful :D

It's also amazing to discover that I only joined Facebook about 3 weeks ago and when I searched for her, she wasn't on there. Last week, she joined and looked for me right away and there I was! Even more amazing is to see how the Lord is working in my life. I had always been left with a sour taste in my mouth at the idea that there were these people who had left my life thinking I was a bad person and Sheila has just proved that wrong! She has proved to me that even though we have all made mistakes and lost years of history because of ill feelings, we are still left with a lifetime of great memories still to make! What a wonderful feeling to regain a lost and broken friendship. Praise the Lord, you are so good to me. I can't wait to meet her/them all over again!!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Hole in the Wall game show

Have you seen this game show on Fox called 'Hole in the Wall'? It's a great concept for a game show. It's originally a Japanese game that became wildly popular around the world.

There's 2 teams of 3 players and points are given for clearing through the walls that are moving towards the players. The walls are made of thick foam cut out into different shaped openings and the players have to contort themselves in order to clear them. You also have to land in the 'play area' or else it's a 'not clear' and there are no points. Also, *just* behind the play area, is a pool of water and if any part of you ends up in the water, that's also a 'no clear' too.

The melodramatic host and over glamorized female assistant with 80's hair and scantily clad clothes are a bit over the top. But it's understandable considering there's really no 'content' to the show, there's alot of empty time to be filled considering each wall encounter takes about 15 seconds...and that includes the replay. LOL

But it's so fun to watch them try to clear the walls! When they do, your jaw drops down and you can't believe it! Some of the wall combinations are IMPOSSIBLE to clear. Literally. And then, the winning team gets a chance at the blind wall as the sort of 'bonus round' for extra winnings. They pick 1 teammate to be blindfolded and the other 2 have to give directions to how they should position their arms and legs and everything else in order to clear the wall, which rarely happens successfully. But I just finished watching the newest episode and these 3 girls just took home $125,000 for winning the game for $25,000 and they actually successfully cleared the blind wall for an extra $100,000!!! You can watch full episodes of Hole in the Wall on the website. Too funny! It's very entertaining.
It's time, to face the hole!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

That's it! Tatiana is schitsophrinic.

The judges finally nailed it tonight on American Idol. They finally figured out that there are many faces to Tatiana :)

I personally think she sings just fine but she is (as my friend Patrick says) crazy! She's very entertaining to say the least. She's up, she's down...even when she seems on an even keel, you can't help but to think some crazy is *just* about to seep out from her. They should have put her through just for the entertainment value alone!

And what's up with that, all of a sudden she speaks with a new accent we've never heard before? Viva Las Crazy, fo sho! My condolences to all the Tatiana fans who are disappointed to see her off the show for real this time....unless someone has to drop out in a couple weeks....Tatiana! There's still hope, again!!!! ;-)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It could have been worse

This past weekend was full of hope to get some much over due projects going around my place. I was tossing around thoughts of getting my oil changed, shopping for wholesale clothes, house know, nothing spectacular but things that were needing some attention.

Saturday morning came and I decided to do the necessary cleaning on my list that requires the use of those annoying yellow cleaning gloves, like changing the cat box and such, before I took my shower and went out to run errands. That would give me an extra opportunity to try and get that latex smell off my hands and wrists. I digress. So I am vacuuming around the cat box and I can tell the electricity is doing a little dance. Nothing major, then I notice the burning smell. "Great! My vacuum is about to burn out and I'll have to sell a kidney to buy another one."

Simultaneously, part of the electricity went out and the smoke detector started screeching! I looked up at the smoke detector and there was smoke coming out of the circuit breaker box hidden behind a wooden trap door in the hallway! Now I notice the smell was not just burned, it was the distinct smell of fire! So I proceeded to begin crying and franticly looking for my phone. I dialed 911. I was so scared, I could hardly talk! The firemen came and checked everything out. Too bad one wasn't Kirk Cameron like in Fireproof! Just joking...

There was no actual fire but it did burn out one of the breakers in that box and it had to wait until Monday to be repaired. Apparently, there were 30 watt glass fuses (yes, I said glass fuses. I know, old school) in one of the circuits in the basement and that allowed things to overheat before tripping the breaker. They aren't supposed to be more than 20 watts. So be sure and check yours to make sure you don't have 30's either!

So, needless to say, I didn't get much done what with having all that going on...Oh well! Atleast there wasn't a real fire!