Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MP3 player, you turn me right round, baby...right round!

Right round through the same few songs over and over and refuse to cycle through them all! Why is that? This particular MP3 player is a 1 Gig and doesn't have a shuffle feature but I have almost 200 songs on it and it only plays a few of them then starts over playing through the same few again! I can see all the mp3 files are there when I look on the Windows Media Player, so why won't it play them all???

So frustrating. I just wanna grab my hairbrush as my imaginary microphone and rock out but I'm getting bored of the same 30 songs....anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it without erasing everything and starting over? I chose all praise and worship music for this player and handpicked/selected *just* the right songs, it would be a huge time consuming hassle to erase them all and start over. Can anybody out there help this poor girl make it work???

Laundry List...

Literally. I have a laundry list of things to do tonight after working over to make up for time I am short this week UGH! Let's see if I can name everything on my mind that I'd love to accomplish tonight: Het-hum....(tap-tap-tap)
Sort laundry
Take out trash
Carry laundry downstairs
Re-wash load already in washer (from last week!)
Clear out junk mail
Do more laundry
Make dinner
Dishes, again
Research phentermine diet pills
Paint the cat
Who am I kidding? I don't have any paint! Oh bother, looks like I'm working til 8 pm tonight to make up for being so late this morning...guess I won't be getting much on that list done tonight!! Do they sell anti-procrastination pills??

To go or not to go? That is the question.

Thanksgiving weekend offers up many options this year. My mom and I had planned a trip back down to Kimberling City for a weekend of R & R only as it turns out, there are several reasons building for both of us not to go. The list of Pros is being dwarfed by the growing list of Cons.

Perhaps if this were a warmer time of year, the decision would be made much more easily as swimming would be the factor swaying down the list of Cons. Without swimming on the agenda, there really isn't much to do there besides watch movies and eat and go into Branson and spend money. There isn't even internet in the condo, you have to walk over to the club house for wifi. So, with work schedules playing in, my mom just moving, Girl's night would be missed, no swimming, the cost of driving there & 'doing' anything fun to keep from being bored...I think I'll stop losing sleep, giving myself dark circles and just call the trip off. Perhaps next year once the pool is opened again it will make all the difference but for now, we might just have to pass.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tis the week of near misses

Tuesday evening brought another round of excitement to my week. This time it was no deer in my headlights, it was a near fire in my microwave! Long story short, I'd never used this particular rice cooker before and took a friend's advice on how long to set my microwave for. Of course, I didn't realize her microwave has sensors and auto shut off. So I put the rice and water in the microwave, set it for an hour and then put my ear buds in so I could listen to my MP3 player while preparing the rest of the meal.

Once I smelled the burning, it was too late! The microwave had enough smoke inside to set off my smoke detectors and the entire building is hard wired because of the restaurant downstairs. So mine went off and theirs went off. I was able to fan mine with a towel and get it to shut off but what I didn't know was there was actually smoke downstairs in the restaurant and they didn't know where it was coming from so they called 911! 3 firetrucks and the fire chief showed up...all over some burned rice! I was so totally embarrassed. I chose brown rice since I am concerned about getting enough vitamins for women these days and thought brown rice (even though it cooks longer) would be better nutritionally than white minute rice. I am still of the same belief but I will change my preparation! LOL

This picture was taken with my cell from my living room window. I'm so glad everything was ok. Upon further inspection after the rice cooker had time to cool, I discovered it actually had been on fire inside of it. Scary!!!

Deer in my headlights

Traveling home from my second job on Sunday night around midnight, I saw a pretty good size buck out of my left side window. He was just standing there looking right at me.

As I realized I should be slowing down my speed, you know... *just in case*... he decided to bolt! If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was just standing there waiting for his next 'victim' to get oh so close before he made his move! He came right across the road in front of me and was only slightly in a hurry to do so. WTHeck, deer!!!??? I applied the maximum amount of brakes while trying to control the direction of my car. I had to turn a bit towards the end just to get that much more stopping distance out of it. It was close, guys. I was so very close to taking his legs out. At that point, I wouldn't even have killed the poor thing, I would have just hurt it and that would have been worse! No need for extra colon cleanser after an experience like this, let me tell ya. I'm just glad all is well that ends well. He continued across the road and into the grassy knoll next to the road, looking back at me as if he were mad cause I almost hit him! How dare I, after all? Sheeshk!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's new in death?

I just read this article about a man who decided to be buried without being embalmed or stuffed into a coffin and/or vault. There's a new and much 'greener' way to be laid to rest these days and I gotta say, I'm liking what I'm hearing about it!

No more shopping with your loved ones for coffins and vaults and all that business. I mean who cares what kind of satin & door hardware will house a body I will no longer be using? Just seems extremely meaningless if you ask me. Nope, not interested in all that. Of course there's much to consider but I'd be willing to hear more about this. Any thoughts on the subject?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What to do when you fall down?

Why, get back up again, that's what!! I've recently fell off the wagon a bit with eating and keeping up with my medicines. I haven't even been taking my best multivitamin much less my cholesterol pill. Hmm....

It all started when I ran out of orange juice and stopped eating my oatmeal. But all that is changing! I spent almost $70 at the grocery store today and plan to be back on track in no time! I'm planning to make a nice baked pasta dish with ground Turkey and low fat cheeses, mushrooms and spinach. Making a big dish of it will help me portion out meals for easy planning in the future too. Come on Becca, get it together!!! Your life is slipping by again.