Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diagnosis: Gallstones

Pending further investigation, the initial results of my chest CT last week are that I have gallstones. Hmm...interesting! Not exactly what we were looking for so I googled 'gallstones' and discovered some helpful info. My primary Dr.'s office simply left me a voice mail, referring me to a surgeon...which I am having big issues with.

I'm not a fan of surgery...don't know anyone who is. So if I've had NO attacks and NO other symptoms, should surgery be my first option? I think NOT! So, I'm waiting for a call back from my primary Dr.'s nurse for more info on my CT results. I'm hoping there is a healthy alternative to avoid or even stave off surgery, which I'm pretty sure there are other options such as liver & gallbladder cleanses. So far I have removed almost all the unhealthy fats I know how to from my diet. I've already lost some lbs & it's only been 5 days. Next thing I need to do is add some exercise, some good quality time on some treadmills perhaps, throw in some's a great way to start incorporating it into my daily routine. I'll update with more info later.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

On the brink of something good

I've been collecting Coca Cola cap codes and entering them for a while now. It's just me so they don't add up very fast except when someone blesses me with a zip lock full of them :) (WINK! Anybody? Anybody?)

I have already cashed some points in & received a cell phone skin that I personalized, which is cool. But now I have even more points accumulated and I'm on the brink of getting something *good*. Of course I could be spending my time online with better things, like how I can save money comparing health insurance quotes or even researching how to run an alpaca farm. Sure, I could do that and I might but getting junk for free from Coke is also fun for me! Those points are burning a hole in my virtual pocket! Just a little more and I'll have a can cooler or free movie ticket!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is the deal with pickles lately?

I'm craving them like crazy!!! I think it all started with a pickle from Jimmy John's sandwich shop. They have a jumbo dill that they cut in 1/2 for you. It's so yummy and juicy and cold!! I really do crave pickles now.

Even at home, I can hear them calling me from the fridge....spears, baby dills and bread and butters! I'm pretty sure they aren't good for me, I mean, I don't think you'll find them on any fat burner review or list of healthy snacks anywhere! I am enjoying them in moderation but the crunch and juiciness call my name when I'm needing a snack!!

Worth more than every penny!

When I bought my used 2002 Saturn L300, I also purchased one of those after market mechanical breakdown insurance policies and it has turned out to be worth more than every penny I spent on it!!! I actually chose one that had a zero deductible and it was only like $50 more or something!

Anyway, I've used it here and there and it has more than paid for itself already. I've had over $2,000 worth of repairs done and I only paid like $1,200 for it! I still have about 16,000 miles left or until June 8, 2012...whichever comes first. I'm pretty sure I'll be over on mileage well before that time. I highly HIGHLY recommend getting one of these policies for your next purchase as well as the gap insurance too. If your car is totaled and you owe more than the insurance company gives you, the gap insurance pays the uncovered amount! I hear gap insurance has gone up though. Anyway, I'm loving my warranty, that's for sure! Not to mention my peace of mind, since I'm a single female and all.

Rudolph with that nose so bright...

"...won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" Thanks Darlene, now that song is going to be stuck in my head all day!!!!

Isn't it annoying when someone hums or sings part of a song right by you and you spend the rest of the day with it replaying over and over in your head while you're researching the best diet pills for men or searching the want ads online? Heck, until I hear the song in it's entirety or go to sleep for 6-8 hours, it will be stuck there with my brain constantly trying to finish the song. Ack!! I'll get you for this Dar!!!

Eeek, it's been hot out!

Summer has just about arrived here in St. Louis. The mornings and nights are cooler (only by a bit) but the heat in the daytime can be relentless!!! I'm almost to the point right now that I cringe when I think about being outside during that hot muggy midday sun. Unless it's to go swimming in a nice cold and inviting pool or river! I remember as a kid, I could play outside all day and I never really noticed the heat as much as I do now. I mean, I lose my breath so easily, I almost need one of those Evergo oxygen concentrators just to keep from passing out!!!

My landlord finally installed a new A/C in my living room over the holiday weekend. It's a good thing too, the temps were up to 88 or higher in there on some days! Of course, we still had our smaller A/Cs in the bedrooms so atleast we could sleep. I just can't sleep when I'm hot. The new A/C is programmable, has a sleep setting and a timer...even came with a remote! I wish they'd have kept the book for me though, who the heck knows how to take full advantage of the settings if you don't know what they all do!? Oh well, maybe I can find the instruction manual online!