Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Friendship Factor by Brenda Poinsett

One of my favorite authors, Brenda Poinsett is celebrating the release of her newest book 'The Friendship Factor, Why women need other women.' The First Baptist Church in St. Clair, MO is hosting a dessert party to help launch the new book and we were personally invited by Brenda to come celebrate!

The flyer for tonight's party reads, "Join Brenda as she explores the needs women have to connect deeply with others, to share their burdens, to rejuvenate their souls, to reduce their stress and to connect for ministry. Let 'The Friendship Factor' show you what your friendships can truly become." I can't wait!

My favorite book of hers was called 'What will I do with the rest of my life?' and came to me at a desperate time in my life. It really helped move me past a dark time and for that, I love and appreciate Brenda! She has taught me many priceless things so I am excited to celebrate her new book which is also a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Congrats Brenda!!!

Wow what a beautiful day!

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in St. Louis! The sun is shining through a clear blue sky, warming your skin with excitement while the cool breeze tickles your senses. The only thing you need is a decent pair of sunglasses and you're set!

Driving to work today, I had to fight the urge to just keep going when I arrived at the office parking lot. It's a great day for a drive, that's for sure! Get out and enjoy it if you can. I for one will be stuck admiring the nice day from inside my office, plopped on my butt behind a desk. ***SIGH***

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's talk body wash!

Since I was a child, I've used the same bar soap. A couple of years ago, I switched from that same Coast brand over to Dove body bars for the added moisturizing. I have used the occasional body wash here and there....for convenience or at a friend's house. I am also a big fan of Bath and Body Works products...they just smell amazing! There was a sale and I picked up a couple of their body washes and I love them!!!

Going forward, I'd like to get some feedback on what brands of body wash you prefer? Sometimes like in outdoor rugs or say, brands don't really come into play much, but I figure with something like this it's good to get other opinions on brands. Which ones do you prefer for scent, for lathering qualities or hey, the all important 'bang for your buck' factor. Let's face it, Bath and Body Works sure smells nice but it'll break your wallet (even with a sale!) for as much as you get in that small bottle. So, spill it, what do you prefer?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer, it is a comin'

Summer is quickly approaching and I'm regretting more and more, not making good use of this late winter/early spring time to take off a few pounds. I was so cozy, layered in my winter garb that I wasn't remembering that feeling of 'nakedness' I get when I begin to go out in the world with no coat or jacket or sweater to hide behind.

Unfortunately, I don't even think the best diet pills would help me shed the pounds at this point because spring is sprung and summer is knocking at the door! I am out of time! Shoot....guess I'll have to move to Alaska so I can hide behind my sweaters LOL

Friday, April 09, 2010

Miche Bag Rep Con in KC

A couple of months ago I was introduced to Miche Bags and instantly was interested in selling them. That doesn't happen often, let me tell ya! I suppose I was already 'in the market' to find a home based business to give me an opportunity to make money in my off work time. Home party businesses can be great but also can be aggravating. I mean, you really are relying on whether or not other people want to host a party at their house and if people like the products and want or even can afford to buy them.

Miche Bags are such a great novel idea and if it was new to me, it's new in my area! The concept is, you buy a base and then get different 'shells' to change the outside look! I'm a big fan of the Big Bag, myself but the classic size is most popular and has the most shells to choose from. So far I have had an open house for myself and 2 of my bestest friends have offered to host parties for me which have added 2 more bookings so far! I've decided to take an extremely laid back approach to the entire concept. I mean, the purses literally sell themselves once the ladies have access to playing with them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010, there is a Miche Bag sales rep conference in Kansas City, Mo and I will be on my way as soon as I leave work today! The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to work a double shift last Saturday at my second job, giving me the funds to secure a hotel room near the city (cheaper that way!) so I wouldn't have to leave St. Louis at like 2 am and try and catch some ZZzzzs in my car before it started at 8 am tomorrow. Of course I could have used that unbudgeted windfall for things like diet supplements or paying down my debt....but I think this is a good use of the money, too. I'll let you all know what fun things I learn at the conference!

I got my Facebook back!

Over the past, oh I don't know....year or so, I have been increasingly involved in a Facebook game called Mafia Wars. Stop me if you've heard someone say this before but it went from a casual enjoyment to a full on obsession!! To be honest, it was getting to the point of jeopardizing my job because I was not getting my work completed to the best of my abilities. For shame!!!

But how do you 'get out' when you are a made lady? I mean I was a tagged player with an elite all woman's fighting group who gifted me much loot and bang bangs to make me a strong player for when we would be at war with another tagged group. The {PD-KTB} really put a lot into me and I enjoyed my squad, The Sirens. Interacting within the group was/is so much fun!

The reason I decided this week to leave the game...was the game itself. Zynga must have had 4,000,000 people working on this thing to come up with SO MANY aspects of play that just to touch base on some of them, took all day long, literally! In the end, I had taken on over 800 'friends' and my wall was so clouded with Mafia Wars stream posts that it was impossible for me to even find any legitimate posts from my friends and family. Facebook was no longer Facebook, it was the website I played Mafia Wars on. I spent so much time 'working' the game, I couldn't even have researched gmat prep courses if I wanted to! No, if I was online I was involved with some aspect of Mafia Wars.

In an effort to be a better steward of my resource of time, I am leaving Mafia Wars for good. I have spent a considerable amount of time this week, gifting back tons of loot and bang bangs to a couple of friends and the rest all went back to the girls of The Sirens. I also unloaded over 800 unnecessary 'friends' from my profile! I really did enjoy the game until it became work and that wasn't fun anymore. I love the Sirens and everyone else in the PDs and KTB! I wish you all luck and try not to let it get the best of you :) Now, I finally have my Facebook back!!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

It hasn't been *that* hot yet...

but it doesn't seem to matter though. I've always been a 'sweat-er' and as soon as my skin takes the notion that the temperature is going up at all, I start sweating on my face! Ugh, it just wreaks havoc on my skin. It starts off with a bit of oiliness....then before long BOOM! I start breaking out. It's time to grab my acne face wash and an air conditioner. I tell ya, if it's not oily's dry skin! I just wish it would make up it's mind already :)

Casting Crowns Concert-Tonight!

I'm so excited, I'm soooo excited!!! I have loved this band since the very first time I ever heard the first song. Over the years, they have repeatedly blown me away with their albums. From Christmas songs to worship songs...they do it all! And they do it oh so well! Their latest album is called Until The Whole World Hears and there's a song on it with the same title that's very good. It's growing into another favorite of mine :)

I'm just so excited because I'm going with friends from church and I've never seen Casting Crowns in concert before. Busy brides, put down your wedding favors, waitresses put down your trays and make your way to the St. Charles Family Arena for the Casting Crowns show tonight!