Friday, July 08, 2011

Found money statistics

Sometimes I ponder the oddest things. I have a friend who found $100 a few years back and it just pops in my head every now and then, maybe I should pay more attention to what's floating around me!

Then the thought popped into my head, "I wonder how much money is just wafting around out there waiting to be encountered and stuffed into a pocket by a passerby?" So I did a google search which didn't produce much actual info. I suppose there wouldn't be any "facts" about what might/might not be randomly in the streets. But it did lead me to this blog called Found money in the Street. This lady keeps track of how much she finds ($10.68 in 2010) and it makes me wonder why I never thought of the idea? LOL Have you ever found money in the street before? I mean, we all find coins from time to time. I'm talking real dollars? When I was a child, I found a $10 bill in a big swimming pool. I thought I was rich!!