Friday, July 30, 2010

Well, turn it up!

There's one nice thing about having the office all to myself while I work, I can jam to whatever music I want! W00t! Guess I'm in the mood for some Abba tonight, found this fun montage of pics put to a mix of 2 or 3 of their songs. Not the best quality on audio. Guess I should stick to my media player, I have the Abba Gold album on there.

"Don't go wasting your emotion! Lay all your love on me." Hmpf, back to the grindstone of Accounts Payables for me. What are you up to this fine Friday evening, nightly acne treatments or just chillaxing with your homies?

Plans for the weekend

This weekend is not riddled with clocking in and out at my second job. Yippy!! However, I do have a morning Miche Bag party to do. Not a big testosterone booster there but that's ok, I'm not trying to boost my testosterone these days :)
Sat. night will actually be spent being social this week, a very nice change from my past pattern of working. Girls night in has a 'baseball' theme this month. I'm not *too* big on baseball but will enjoy meeting the ladies and playing games nonetheless.

Sunday will be church followed hopefully by a visit to the Dalessandros??? Can I get a possible confirmation on that? And then to work at my first job for a few short yours but only because I was short on my time this week and I need to catch back up! It's tough to get 40 hours in when you can't get up in the morning and have something to do every night of the week! Throw in some doctor appointments and you're spending your Sunday evening filling in those last few hours, for sure. Oh well, still happy to be employed so gonna put a smile on and belly up to my desk!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get on the diabetic train...

I'm not diabetic but my gallbladder surgeon suggests I eat like I am! I can do this....
I'm just going to have to spend some time reading and learning about diabetic diets. Anyone with inside tips should pass them on in the comments. Gonna need a bit of help here. Taking away bad fats was relatively easy, to be honest. Carbs and sugars and such is something I will need to work on. I will most likely not be able to avoid the gallbladder-ectomy, it's just a matter of getting as healthy as I can before I have it, for the best outcome. Even the best wrinkle creams can't keep them away forever! As long as I have the "gallstone factory" I will have issues. So before I begin to suffer the full symptoms, I want to do all I can. So bring on the diabetic tips!

Early morning dreamin'

I hate mornings. Ya gotta get up and do it all over again. I avoid this at all costs. It's no secret that I've been chronically late to work for the past.....well, every day. Shame on me! But to me, it's almost like torture to get up and get started. I simply love and need that twilight time in the morning, it's my favorite time of day! Just rolling around in bed in and out of sleep....early morning dreaming!

That being said, on occasion I do have to get up EXTRA early. On those days, I pop right out of bed and get to it! I seem to get so much done and actually enjoy the peaceful hours in the early morning time. So what's wrong with me then? It's like I dropped my rfid blocking wallet and someone stole my identity! There's the Becca that can't seem to get out of bed to make it to work on time and then there's this other Becca who loves the earliest hours in the morning! Maybe I'm just schizophrenic to have such opposing opinions of the same thing. Maybe I should just go to bed at a decent hour at night and get up earlier to try it out for a while. I think it would give me a better perspective :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pulp: To chew or not to chew? That is the question.

I've recently learned that orange juice helps lower cholesterol and since that is a big goal of mine at the moment, I decided to drink some every day.

Why not? I really enjoy orange juice! The issue is, now that I've began to shop all the varieties of orange juices, I've really noticed a problem. You can have it with tons of pulp OR no pulp at all. Really? What ever happened to just orange juice with whatever amount of pulp gets in there naturally? Why is it made overly complicated with choices? Is it really that much of an issue that they had to use the wisdom of Solomon to decide? "It's either full of pulp or none at all!"

I'm sorry, I have no desire to eat chunky OJ and if there's none at all, it might as well be Sunny D. No thanks! Why are people so afraid to eat or drink something in it's natural state? The way it was, they'd rather have man made products than real produce. Ah yes, the great pulp debate lives on! Now if I have this much trouble shopping for ipods, I'm gonna be in trouble! LOL

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mmm, nutmeats!

Pistachio nutmeats that is. I love 'em lately!!! I snack on them all the time, probably more than I should actually but I just can't help myself!!

In an effort to not just fault to some sort of diet pills or other 'quick fix' type situation, I've decided to re-think my ideas about foods and how they work in my body. Gallstones are no fun, I hear and I'm really doing all I know right now to stave off surgery. Also being told my cholesterol is far too high is another good reason to add the health benefits of nuts such as pistachios to my diet.

Now, I just said the 'D' word but I am not afraid! I will not let my mind overtake me on this one. I will simply tell myself those bad foods don't exist and then I won't crave them! So far, so good. The only really tempting thing I've encountered in the past couple of weeks was some bread pudding. But I did not give in. I simply told myself maybe someday in the future I could enjoy some again. For right now, though, it is way more important for me to stay on track with healthier foods and try to get my cholesterol down down down.

Expect more topics on such subjects in the future. It's big with me now! I'm already down about 10 lbs. so that is an encouragement as well. I am far less miserable than I was just 2 weeks ago!