Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seriously disgusting!

Want to know what disgusting taste I'm currently experiencing? No, there wasn't a sale on day old fruit. I'm about to throw up from the taste of my eye drops!!

Yes, you heard me right, the eye drops I just started have an know all these things are connected. I didn't realize you could taste something that was in your eye but hey, they say you learn something new every day. Bleh.... My spoonful of peanut butter isn't helping. I can still taste it! :(

These are not my eyes obviously, I am not a dude. But this is a great representation of what my eyes are looking like right now. The drops offering the foul tasting backlash are dilation drops. Inflammation in my right eye has caused a myriad of issues including my iris being stuck closed...resulting in the need to jerk it back open with dilation drops. I have a way to go but atleast I don't have a half moon pupil anymore. More to come on the eye issues.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogging is old news, really?

I was interviewed by Tim Barker, a writer from The article titled "Still blogging? FYI: It's old news" was written discussing how 'young people' have abandoned blogging for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Although I was well out of the 'younger generation of bloggers' he was looking to interview, we spoke at length about many things. It's always very interesting to me to read what someone gleans from a conversation. You'll have to read down to the last 2 paragraphs of the article to find where I'm mentioned.

BeccA's Buzz, by the way, is the blog I referred to as a 'big ol' bowl of soup in terms of content.' You know me, I could be talking about taking a trip or incontinence products or heck, maybe both at the same time! At any rate, I don't plan to stop blogging...not anytime soon. So you young people can do whatcha like creating and following all the newest trends but my blog and I will be chatting it up for a long, long time. Oops, I said 'you young people'....spoken like a true old person! LOL

Friday, March 05, 2010

R.I.P. Aunt Vera

My father's sister Vera passed away yesterday. My heart goes out to my cousins for the loss of their mom. Also to my grandmother, this is the second child for her to bury in less than 4 months.

Makes you stop and think about family and goals....even whole life insurance or term, whichever suits your needs. Today is my dad's birthday and I'm sure he's thinking about these things considering this is his second sibling to pass in less than 4 months. Hmm....spend time with those you love while you still can. That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Getting caught up

It feels so good to get caught up on paperwork! I just started a new business (more on that later) and it was surprising to me to see how quickly the receipts piled up! I have worked in accounting for the past 12 years and so I have a clue or two about how to manage the money and keep good track of the expenses & income.

I just created a wonderful spreadsheet that will do all those things for me! All I have to do now, is keep up with the data entry as it happens. Sounds easy enough but for me "Queen Procrastinator" I have a tendency to let things go because I can't do it 100% the way I think in my head it HAS to be done so things go undone largely around me.

Now I have time to do other things! Like shop for allergy bedding or go for a walk along the beach. Wait, I live in Mid America, there are no good beaches here! :)