Sunday, November 21, 2010

New year, new self?

Why am I asking you? Only I know the answer to this question. I have 3, count them...3 short years before I am 40. The sound of it is unsettling in my soul. Nonetheless, it will come.

Is it possible to be healthier at 40 than at 25? Being overweight and unhealthy is NOT new to me. I've been increasingly heavy from age 10 to present so, if I were to change things and change my intake and output....could I really be healthier now? If I don't try, I'll never know! I'll die. That's right, I will die broken hearted and alone and with nothing to show for my life other than the need to have an oversized wooden box to bury my big butt in. So...who's in? I'm not talking fad diets or various other hoodia gordonii whatnots which may be helpful to some. I'm talking: healthy foods & drinks go in & exercise becoming more than a passing thought.

I really feel like I was on a great path a few months back but I got past the follow up blood tests and began to relax on the discipline of choosing healthy foods. And I won't even begin to pretend I exercised-AT ALL. The most movement this body sees is a shift at my second job walking about the building. So! I'm going to find that track and get back on it and not only that, I will begin to move with purpose and exercise as my schedule allows. Warning: I may become even more annoying real soon, my apologies up front but if you love me at all, you will support me and go with me :) Your health is important to me too!! I henceforth give thee permission to hold me accountable to this.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is another birthday for me. When you get to be my age you worry about gray hair and paying bills. Yes, the days of finding the best treatment for acne have long since passed and you ponder the days gone by.

I feel a sort of 'middle age' thing happening. Where you self evaluate where you've come from, what you did or didn't get done yet and what you want to do in the future. Life rarely turns out the way you think it will so once you get to a certain point you realize you'll never get the chance to go back and redo your youth and all that time was wasted and gone forever.

SIGH. It's time to dream new dreams. What shall they be??? Hmmm....

Friday, November 05, 2010

It's that time of year again

Time for the men-folk to venture out into the wilderness and rustle up some proper game! Get your ATV Parts installed and your tree stands out of the garage. Get your guns sighted in and your camouflage gear's deer season 2010!

Rifle season starts on Nov. 13th here in Missouri and for the bow hunters you already have a green light. Please don't forget to wear your safety orange and bring back a big one, boys!! Oh! If I can keep from hitting them all on the road, you should have a great hunting season. There seem to be so many more deer this year out and about on these colder evenings. Have fun and be safe!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween: anything goes?

When I was a kid, Halloween was that magical time when you could dress up like a fireman or ghost or perhaps a cute dog or clown. Since when does Halloween mean it's ok to dress like a street walker? Seriously.

Seeing 14 & 15 year old girls scantily clad has become acceptable in mainstream society but for some reason, Halloween has become an even bigger reason to let it all hang out and play up the part. I mean, dressing like 30 year old crack heads who need drug rehab treatment centers is just not a good idea on any day of the year, even for 30 year old crack heads. Just sayin'.... I'd love to see parents teaching more modesty and respect, yes even on Halloween. It's supposed to be a day for fun and candy and spooky creatures not tryouts for strip clubs and lap dances. You dress sexy every other day of the year why not step out of the 'norm' and cover up with an original self respecting idea for a change?