Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BeccA's Buzz has a new face

Well, I've been playing around with the html (which, btw, I have never been trained in) making some updates to the look of this blog. I'm using it as a sort of way to share myself with you and also record and reflect on things as they come about in order to have a journal of sorts to look back on. The journey is important to me. So I thought making changes to the layout and look will get me going on that path. I plan to begin to incorporate more of my hobbies and activities on here as well as sprinkle in some PayPerPost ads as I can get them.

PayPerPost really has been a great tool for me to earn some extra cash and be creative with my writing. So far, I have done 55 regular posts and 1 PPP Direct post (can you believe that!?). If you've ever been interested in getting paid to talk about websites and services and such, might I suggest PPP. Look in the sidebar towards the bottom for a bright green badge which will take you bloggers directly to the site to get set up. It's free and fun! I've interacted with many new and interesting people in the forums. The people of PPP, fellow bloggers like us, are very helpful when sharing their experience and knowledge. They have lots of suggestions to boost traffic, up your PR and on and on. It has certainly influenced the way I do things around here. :)

For more info on how I can create a post here for your business, review your blog or otherwise work with you to create buzz for your interest, see the blue PPP Direct badge in the sidebar just below the "I disclose" badge. It's very quick and easy to get set up. I would love to work with you, if you feel my blog is fitting to your business, maybe we can work out a post plan!

Some of the topics I plan to cover and/or start posting about regularly in the future are:
-Scrapbooking : pages
-Scrapbooking : tips and tricks
-Travel photos
-Bible study notes
-More movie reviews
-Sewing projects
-TV program comments
-General life moments

So come back and visit, go ahead and click on that bookmark button somewhere up there for easy return. Because I have a lot of very interesting things that you won't want to miss coming your way soon!!

Like a kid in a candy shop

Sometimes life is full of simple joys, you just have to be open to seeing them. As some of you know, I work in an accounting and tax office with my mom who is at the front desk for the office. There's also my boss too, but this isn't about him.

My mom always has a little dish of individually wrapped hard candies on her desk for anyone who would like to partake. She buys these treats out of the kindness of her heart and trust me, she really enjoys little things like this. Just one of the reasons my mom rocks!

Anyway, back to the story. Out of all the clients who come in to the office and dip into the bowl, I'd guess that 95% of the takers are men. Some of them take more than one piece, for the road, you see. Of course that's not a problem at all, in fact, I have often thought it was cute, like the kid inside of them went - Hey, free candy, get some!

Today is Tuesday. We have one particular client who comes in regularly every Tuesday morning to bring his deposits. This man is an older man and he has diabetes. So my mom, bless her heart, buys him special sugar free candy. He really enjoys this. As a matter of fact, my mom will get out a couple of pieces for him and puts it right on her desk for him to get right away when he sets down. Well, today she was busy before he came and she didn't have a chance to get it out for him. After he finished his deposit business, he stood up and said, 'Where's my candy?' Mom said, 'Oh, here, it's in the drawer, I didn't have time to get it out for you.' Right away she jumped up and went to the drawer. I happened to walk past my office door and caught a glimpse of this full grown old man standing there like he was 3 years old in anticipation of the treat! Everything about his body and his stance spoke of his excitement to get this piece of candy. I thought it was adorable I had to snicker and laugh to myself.

Most people would have never noticed it or thought much of it, but I guess it touched me to see him be so joyful over such a tiny piece of candy. It gave me joy to see him that way, look around yourself for those simple joys. They are everywhere, if you look for them!

(random internet photo)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Over or under? That is the question.

Ok, so I saw this photo and couldn't agree more.

I have seen it both ways in other people's houses, but usually each household picks one direction and sticks to it in every application. I believe that is due to the fact that there is usually only one person changing the rolls as they run out or get close (thanks all the moms out there!) So, the question is, do you hang the paper to roll over or under?

I personally feel that if you have the paper rolling under, you have to reach all the way to the wall just to retrieve it. Not that big of a deal you say? Depends on how far you have to reach already! That 2-3 inches more can really make the difference when trying not to fall off! Not to mention the part where you begin to dig your nails into it to get it to spin around and try to catch the flap as it goes by again and again. Uh, no thanks.

If you would just hang the paper so that it rolls over and out, it sorta presents you the end to grab onto. Almost as if to say, "Here you go, have a square ... or 10." :)

So let me hear from you, are you an 'Over' or 'Under'? If you say 'Under' maybe give me some reasons you choose this lifestyle....I probably won't be persuaded to change, but it's good for conversation. Happy rolling!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I love a good sock monkey

I have loved sock monkeys since I was a child. No joke. It all started when my grandmother made one for me by hand. I wish I still had it!

Anyway, the other day I saw a sexy sock monkey on someone's Wordless Wednesday and cracked up! Whilst searching for that photo, I came across this sock monkey website and also found this photo. Patrick's oldest boy would enjoy this one....it's the best of both worlds for me and him! I love giving him monkey stuff and he loves super heros!!!
Go see how many sock monkey options they have. It's funny!! Someone should buy me one :)

Give yourself a treat...limited time ONLY!

My friend Patrick D. over at Patricksays.net is guest DJing over at KMLR Mojo Radio Live
What are you waiting for? His final hour is almost over....

Blogathon 2007

Today is the day for Blogathon 2007!

I just want to send out a 'Kudos' to all those blogging this year in the blogathon. You have chosen worthy charities and have been preparing and I'm sure you will be cranking out those great posts.

If you haven't yet supported a blogger, may I suggest you consider Patrick Says v2.0. This year he has chosen JDRF as his charity. Please see my prior post for all the info on sponsoring him.

Blogathon Posties: Keep on posting and you will make it through! I'll be checking on some of you!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok, I just discovered I had the formatting wrong for the Time Zone on this site. I'm not sure what it was on, but I changed it to Central Standard time, now all my time stamps are different than they are supposed to be!!!

Also, I have no idea why, but it's taking forever for my home page to load! What's that all about?? I know it's not my connection because other sites are loading normally. Is anyone else having this issue??

I heart nostalgia

Today I've been listening to a local radio station which also broadcasts live online.
"106.5 The Arch - Plays 70's, 80's & whatever we want"

They just played Micheal Jackson's 'Beat It'....come on, you know it was a snappy little tune back in the day. I couldn't help but sing along and try my darnedest to remember what Michael Jackson looked like with dark skin, curly hair and a human nose. It didn't work. I'll spare you any photos.

Next, they followed up with some 'Animal' by Def Leppard.

Classic. I found myself remenissing about old friends and wondering what has transpired for their lives. There were some great times before jobs and adulthood took over. Life certainly was different then.

At the risk of sounding like our parents, you know, they just don't make music like they used to. Some of you may say - good! But not me, I love music from my era as well as music from say, my mom's era too. I have a strange taste in music which transcends time and genre. I am just as comfortable listening to country music as contemporary Christian or old 70's rock and roll...I love it all! Even some of today's music!

'Stone In Love' by Journey is on now...actually I remember watching Friday Night Videos with my cousin and seeing Journey for the first time. 'Any way you want it' was my introduction to rock and roll....the rest is history!

Friday's Feast #153

Describe a toy you remember from your childhood.

A cube puzzle of twisting colored cubes.

Mine always looked like this too, never finished!


Someone just reminded me of fashion plates!! I did have these and played and played and played with them. One of my all time faves....thanks, someone!!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how observant are you?

Everyone thinks they are like 10. But how do we know we aren't? If we knew what we missed, we wouldn't have missed it! LOL

Where would you rather be at this very moment?

In Heaven!!!

Main Course
When was the last time you learned something new?

Today. We "learn something new every day," right?

Fill in the blank: I have _____ but I haven’t _____.

I have so much to be thankful for but I haven't even begun to show my gratitude.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

This just in:

I just received an email from across the pond: the apartment in Italy has officially been confirmed as reserved!!! Yeah!!!!

I have withheld showing the photos, and my total excitement too, until we had our confirmation. We will be staying here in Souvenir-Cestello in a historic district of Florence, Italy from Thursday, September 20, 2007 to Tuesday, September 25, 2007.

The photos were taken with a strange sort of rounded camera lens, but you get the feel for the spaces. I love that we will have a real kitchen to use, and it has an outdoor dining area, too!

So, "How much?" Well, I'm glad you asked, it's actually quite affordable if you consider the fact that it's an entire apartment vs. just a hotel room with a bathroom. I believe we are paying something like $147 per night total for all 3 of us and that includes cleaning and linens and such.

I'll bring home better pictures and also show you the view, which I have a sneaky feeling is quite great and not shown in the website photos. :D

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Merry Christmas - in July

"It's the (2nd) most wonderful time, of the year!!!"

Quickly now, only 5 months left until Christmas.

A mile a day - before England!

Well, I've not talked about this much here because I didn't want to set myself up for failure. I no longer feel like that is a problem for me, so now I'm switching into motivation mode.

For the past couple of months, I have been watching what I'm eating in an effort to lose a little weight before my trip in September. I have had about 10 lbs. worth of success. That's great!! Coming from someone who has done nothing but gain or maintain since I was 10 years old. I'm so tired of feeling plump, exhausted and overall miserable! I knew that simply watching what I ate would be a great way to begin my journey to a healthier - lighter life. It has given me the boost I need to start feeling better and now I have come to the point where I need to add exercises to my life.

I love exercise, believe it or not! I played tennis in high school and still love to play around at racket ball and tennis when I get a chance.

In March, 2007, the Lord blessed me with a treadmill. And I say that because it was free and even down to the 2 cup holders, was exactly what I had envisioned I wanted. I used it every morning for like 5 days. That was the end of that.

Well, no more! I got up this morning and put on my tennis shoes and walked at 2.5 speed for 23.5 minutes for a total distance of 1 mile. I am going to continue to do this each day (if not further/faster!) until I leave for England. I figured there are 52 days until I leave (including today) so I went to Tickerfactory.com and created a mini version of this treadmill on a track and put it over in my sidebar so I (and you!!!) can keep track of my promise and progress. I don't want to focus on the number of lbs. I lose, because for me, it's not about the number of lbs. it's a matter of looking and feeling better which can only mean I'm becoming more healthy, which is my goal!!!

Please, VOTE FOR ME!!!

Hey all, I'm a finalist over at

to win a 'Black Hawk Down' DVD that I'd love to give my dad. He's retired and lives in the country by himself, so he could really use the entertainment. Besides, he's an old Army man and loves these kinds of movies!! If you would, please log in and vote for me. I'm 'Beccagirl' with the monkey face icon. Please and thank you!!!!!!!
I really appreciate it :-)

Wordless Wednesday

(Click to enlarge, it's worth it!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What lies beneath

I bought some new clothes over the weekend for my upcoming trip to England and Italy. I did really well to hit a sale at Fashion Bug for 'Buy one get one for $1' and Lane Bryant had their strapless bras for 50% off. I have been needing one of those. Cato on the other hand was giving me no love in the sale department. Come to find out, they don't have actual sales, they just mark things down. Of course, my size vs. what I was looking for = nothing on sale. The good news there is, they had EXACTLY what I was looking for!

All in all, even with the sales, I still spent way more than I wanted to but I got a total of:
11 tops
2 pr of pants
1 strapless bra
2 regular bras
5 new pr of underwear

The thing about it though, when I was spending all that time picking things out & trying them on I just kept seeing me wearing everything in Italy. I would search out things and think, yeah, this is great for Tuscany!

So what's the issue you ask? My primary trip is to go to England to visit my friends and Italy is just a fun thing we'll do while I'm there. Italy isn't the main focus of the trip. But my heart keeps bubbling over when I think about landing in Pisa!

I think maybe it's because I have always dreamed of going to Italy. I was interviewed once when I was about 18 for a local newspaper. The question was, "If money was no object, where would you go on vacation?" I said, "Italy. I want to go see where my ancestors came from. I think it would be beautiful to see." Now I'm actually going!!! I still can't believe it. I'm so very excited to be going to England as well but I think for me, Italy will be my favorite part of the trip. I know it will end too quickly. I will just have to tell myself, I can come back again! How do you like that, I haven't even left for my first trip there and I'm already looking forward to going back!

Can you blame me?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Season for change - a time for sharing

Hey, you.

Yeah, you blogspot bloggers, have you found any good websites with templates we can use other than the default templates?

I feel a need for a new look...an upgrade to my facade, if you will. So I'm looking for anyone who has links to sites with free templates for use with blogger.

I guess not just templates. I don't want to narrow my vision to just templates. I'd be interested in other fun items as well. I don't really want to have one of those junky looking blogs - you've seen them: everything's flashing and scrolling or there's so much advertising and other junk, you can't even see the content? I like clean, simple, attractive and interesting. So, what's out there?


Leave suggestions in a comment below, then come back later, too. You might find something interesting left here by someone else!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Glutton for disappointment

So I say glutton for disappointment rather than punishment because we suffered only disappointment so far.

My mom and I were driving in my car when we realized we were hungry. What's close by? Not much. Just then, we passed by Phil's BBQ on Gravois Road, St. Louis, MO.

My mom said she had eaten there one time with my dad years ago and that she remembered not liking it much. I had the exact same story. But being hungry and giving the benefit of the doubt to the passing of time, we assumed it had to have gotten better over the years, since it was still open.

Nope. We were wrong. We walked out and established an new declaration by the time we reached the car, "Trust our original instincts in situations like these." We knew before we went in, we probably wouldn't like it but we went anyway!

Here's a review I left online for it:

The restaurant is tiny, out dated, not very clean. I had the pulled pork plate with 3 sides, fries, beans and corn. It was a big portion of pork, but seemed soupy in some kind of juice (not sauce). The only bbq sauce they had reminded me of a cheap red spaghetti sauce mixed with worcester sauce and vinegar - NOT GOOD. The sides were just ok, nothing to write home about. My mom had the catfish fillet which took 30 min. to cook. No kidding, they even warn you ahead of the wait. She had spaghetti as one of her sides and it was cold. When she told the waitress, she didn't even say, oh sorry. She just cleared the plates. Then as she brought back the credit card receipt, she stood there hovering while my mom completed the tip calculation. I won't be going back nor recommending it to anyone else.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's Feast #152 & UPDATE!

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do enjoy watching sports on television?
Depends on the sport, but I'd say 2 normally, although I'd bump that up a few numbers to watch the St. Louis Blues Hockey team play!

Go blues!!!
If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick?
Hmmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one...
UPDATE! I choose 'National Lampoon's Vacation' (actually I already have memorized it!!!)

Rusty: Dad, this is not the car you ordered.
Clark: Pipe down Rusty, Uh, this is not the car I ordered!
Salesman: It's not? You didn't order the Family Truckster in Metalic Pea?
Clark: Metalic Pea? No! I ordered the little blue sportswagon!
Salesman: The Family Truckster is a fine automobile. You don't want to take the whole tribe across country in that, it's much too small. Trust me, this is YOUR automobile. You think you hate it now, just wait till you drive it!
Clark: I don't wanna drive it, I want the car I ordered!
Salesman: I know what must have happened, it didn't come in!
Clark: I know what's happening here, I'm not your ordinary everyday fool! Alright? Now I ordered the blue sportswagon. If you don't have it, I'll just take my business elsewhere. Where's my old car at?

What is your favorite breakfast food?
Uncle Bill's Pancake House, St. Louis, MO - Pancakes - Mmm Mmm good!

(I swear, I got this pic from the internet, that's not really my car!!!)

Main Course:
Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00.
Stand outside on a warm summer's night with a fist full of Ted Drew's Frozen Custard with a group of your friends!

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
Usually, it doesn't take long as long as I have my babies with me :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A stormy repeat performance?

On this day July 19, 2006, St. Louis suffered a terrible summer storm. Thousands and thousands of people were without power for weeks. The damages from that storm can still be seen around the city. It was one of the worst I've ever seen. This video is a reminder of some of it's destruction.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary and today's forecast called for more storms. Some people were left wondering if there might be a repeat performance from the heavens?

Luckily, it seems the storm has now passed with only a down pouring of heavy rain and some lightening. Wheeeeew!!

Green Tea for me 4

In a recent 'Green Tea' conversation, someone suggested I try Fuze Green Tea. Like the AriZona Green Tea I've been recently addicted to, this one also is sweetened with honey and has ginseng in addition to some vitamins and minerals...
Has anyone else tried this brand vs. the Arizona brand?
Comments welcome!!

Mustek KeyFoto PF-L100 Digital Photo Key Chain

(New in Box)

I have one of these for sale on ebay. It retails for $29.95!
Get more info and place your bid now!
Bidding starts at $5.99!!
Hurry, only 2 days left to bid...

I've been tagged - 8 Things Meme

I've been tagged by Nicole @ Musing of a Manic Mom to do a meme. My first meme tagging! LOL

The Rules: "Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those sites and comments, letting them know that they have been tagged and to come read the post so they know what they have to do."

1. I've visited 24 states: Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland and Pennsylvania. That's pretty good for a working class single girl from Mid America! (An update on this count will be needed after my next trip!)

2. I have some OCD issues. Folding paper, straightening things.....I call it my obsessive compulsive perfectionism. I can't stand for things to be crooked or not finished. If you knew me, this one would make sense to you.

3. I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade and got my GED about 2 months before I would have graduated and consider myself ahead of the game because of it ;-) LOL

4. I'm a Missouri Board Certified Nurses Assistant. Unfortunately, I can't pay my bills working in that industry with only a CNA certificate. So I work in accounting & payroll prep.

5. I love fishing and camping and going to the river. My favorite is going fishing in the river or a lake in a boat. Pack up a lunch and your rods, jump in the boat, woooooooee! I would do it every weekend if I could! I wish I was there right now.

6. I've lived my entire life (33 yrs) in St. Louis, MO - Gateway to the West, and I've only been up in the Arch 1 time (when I was 21).

7. I was the only girl in my neighborhood growing up and that's why I love doing guy stuff. (I'm a great catch, somebody!!! Anybody? No? ok.)

8. I played tennis for two years in high school. I was 3rd string singles and one of the seasons, I was almost undefeated. Only lost 1 match. I think she cheated, but she was much bigger than me, so I didn't say anything LOL I still like to play, but I can never find a partner. I've taken to playing my version of racket ball by myself. It's comparable, good for exercise and it's fun!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

A list of lists

I am a list-maker. I always have been. Maybe it's because I can't remember anything these days, but I just realized that I have a lot of lists going on right now. So I thought I'd make a list of my current lists:

*Things to clean/organize at home
*Classes I'd like to take
*Things I don't like about certain people (yes, it helps me be clear)
*Things I'm looking for in a man (again, it helps me be clear)
*Websites to visit when I get a chance (from radio or tv)
*Bible verses or stories I want to read
*Things to do to prepare for my trip (fill mp3 player, get passport)
*Things to pack for England
*Things to pack in my carry on
*Souvenir ideas
*Old movies I want to see but haven't yet
*Things people like (for gift giving)
*Things to ask my pastor
*Things to take to my dads when I visit next
*Planet Earths (which ones I have and which ones I still need to record)

These are just a few lists that I keep stored in my pda!

There are more lists in my head and/or on paper that I make up and use everyday.

I heart lists! :)

On the Lot rocks 3

I have taken a break from my posts on this show, mainly because I felt most of the films in the past few weeks were not quite as memorable as in shows past. This week 'On the Lot' brought us some really great action! I hope you are watching this show, it's really fun to see the creativity!

My favorite this week is called "Sweet" by Jason Epperson. He has created a nice film here, where action meets suburbia. There's a little love, a little super hero and a little irony.


My favorite director, Sam Friedlander, offered up my second favorite - a fast paced foot chase with gun fights and handcuffs. "Key Witness" is not his best work, but very entertaining to say the least! (Go Sam!)

"Key Witness"

My third favorite film this week is by Andrew Hunt called "Zero2Sixty". This is a fast paced car chace with a twist of comedy. I think the main actor in this film is just funny!


Stay tuned next week for my latest review!! And if you watch any of these videos, be sure to come back and comment here!!! Bookmark me :)
(Go Sam!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Off to a smart start

"Oh to be young again!"
Have you ever heard someone older than you saying that? It's so true. Not that I'm old, I'm only 25 these days, but I have already learned some important points about money-unfortunately the hard way. I wish someone would have given me some tips when I was younger that would have been relevant to my young life and priorities. Especially since I was making the least amount of money in my life and having the least amount of things I need - thus creating an environment to fail (go into unnecessary debt).

The truth is, when you are first starting out on your own, you learn quickly that no one tells you what your priorities are! It's bitter sweet, really.

I've spoken on this blog before about finances and how to pay down debt. The big trick is, don't get into debt in the first place!

With the exception of your mortgage and your car, some simple planning can easily be the beginning of a debt free life! Some people are even finding, they are able to easily payoff their homes and cars in less time as well. Here are 10 simple tips to help you be more financially secure when you are young and just starting out:

-Know your income & find ways to add to it any way you can
-Figure out how much money you have to have each month just to pay the bills (timely)
-Figure out what you actually spend your money on (keep notes on everything for a month)
-Figure out a budget that ensures you are staying on time with payments
-Stay on your budget
-Trim your budget. You will soon see patterns of overspending - STOP IT
-Save EVERYTHING you can
-Make good decisions on purchases, who cares about keeping up with the Jones'
-Pay cash whenever at all possible
-Avoid surprises (get regular maintenance on everything, have good insurances, stock up on things you use when they are on sale, etc.)
-Look ahead! Think about future plans, trips, expenses, purchases, needs, family events and such, then save for these things!

The feeling is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am right now planning my trip to Europe and I have been very disciplined with saving and planning for this expense. I don't want to go on this great trip and then get home and still have to make monthly payments on it, yucko!
You can get off to a smart start and the benefits will last a lifetime!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My new toy ;-)

I got this over the weekend for my upcoming trip to Europe. I really - really needed an updated camera. My old digital camera (3.2 megapixels) was fine for my first experiences in digital photography but I quickly decided the quality was not what I wanted it to be. Although when I got that 1st camera, it was the nicest one I had every owned!

So this one has a lot of bells and whistles. Admittedly, I bought it without researching any other cameras and bought it at the first store I looked at. I did have some ideas about what I wanted and it seemed to meet all my specifications. Also, it was on sale for $40 off and came with a fun 1" digital photo key chain (which retails for $29.99 and I am selling on ebay!). I've had good experiences buying this way in the past so I feel good about my decision to purchase this one. I really like what I am learning about it.

Some of the basic features include:
  • 8.0-megapixel CCD delivering image resolutions as large as 3,264 x 2,448 pixels
  • 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with 115,000 pixels and rotating, swivel design
  • Real-image optical viewfinder
  • Glass, 4x, 7.3-29.2mm lens (equivalent to 35-140mm zoom on a 35mm camera)
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Nine-point auto and manual focus modes, with adjustable AF point
  • Auto-focus assist light
  • Full Automatic, Program auto-exposure, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and full Manual exposure modes, as well as three Scene modes, several Special Scene modes and Movie mode
  • Manually adjustable aperture setting ranging from f/2.8 to f/8.0, depending on lens zoom position and shutter speed
  • Shutter speed range from 1/2,500 to 15 seconds, depending on aperture
  • Adjustable ISO from 80 to 800 equivalents, plus Auto and High Auto modes
  • Built-in flash with five modes and flash compensation setting
  • White Balance setting with eight modes, including a manual option
  • SD Card memory storage, 16MB card included
  • Power supplied by four AA batteries or optional AC adapter
  • Canon Digital Camera Solution software version 29.0
Special features include:
  • Audio notes with still images
  • Stitch-Assist mode for panoramic shots
  • Continuous Shooting mode
  • My Color mode for color adjustment
  • Color swap mode
  • Self-Timer mode with two- or 10-second delay, plus a Custom setting
  • Custom Setting mode for saving frequently used settings
  • DPOF and PictBridge printing compatibility
  • Print/Share button for direct printing and image transfer
I can even get a waterproof case and take photos underwater! As an added bonus, the store was also having an incredible sale on memory cards for photo storage. A 2 pack of 1G SD cards for $19.99!!! That equals 936 photos...I wonder if that will be enough for my 2 week trip. I'm a photo snapping fool when I'm on vacation!!

Of course the 'how-to' manuals are lengthy but I'll have some time between now and then (or on the looooooong plane ride across the pond) to familiarize myself with all the fun settings and options.

Taking great pictures, it makes me happy!

Baby Got Book

I found this on Gobtube.com. It's one of the most viewed videos, so I watched it:

A parody of the 80's popular song, 'Baby got back' obviously. But seriously, tears from laughing, it's so funny!!! This song may just be stuck in my head all day now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Top 5 Summer TV favorites

I actually like summertime television!
Here are my top 5 favorites (in no particular order that are showing now, Patrick) :

Hell's Kitchen - Love this show, although I'm not too hip on how extreme he gets with them. This season is interesting, I don't personally see any contestants who seem ready to run a high end kitchen, that's just my opinion. But, their lack of skills/techniques make for a good show because they constantly fuel Chef Ramsey's fire!

Top Chef - I love the creativity in shows like these. This is a good season, there are a few great and creative chefs. Sometimes I think, 'Yuck, I would never want to eat that!' Then other times, I wish I had smell-a-vision!!!

So You Think You Can Dance - This is just and all around fun show! This season is great because I really really love almost every dancer! I do have my faves, but they all do such a great job!

Big Love - Admittedly, against my beliefs, but I sure do love watching all the troubles they have because of it! Most men can't handle 1 wife, I don't think he's doing a great job either and now it looks like he's interested in maybe adding wife #4! LOL

On the Lot - Again, I love the creativity here! My favorite is Sam, he's right up my alley. I have liked every film he has done. My favorite is still 'The Replication Theory' You can go to their website and watch it, funny, funny, funny!!!

I also really enjoy Design Star. It has not yet started (July 22). Here is that creativity again. I love to see how people translate their ideas on tasks given to them. Maybe secretly I'm jealous, I love a good challenge!!!

Friday's Feast #151

What is your favorite fruit?
Cold, sweet & juicy ripe watermelon!

Who is someone you consider as a great role model?
My Mommasita!!!

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose?
Hmmm, maybe a fancy hotel downtown St. Louis.

Main Course:
Name something you do too often.
Waste my evenings watching tv!

Fill in the blank: I really like ___________ because ____________.
I really like traveling because I'm not at work!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No way that just happened!!!

So, in the living room of my rented 2nd floor apartment, there is one window (of 5) that has no screen. It's a window on the side and I wouldn't use it anyway, so it always stays closed. A few months ago, I noticed some movement in the window sill on the outside. I sprang up to take a look-see and to my amusement, I saw 2 doves building a nest! Cool!

Soon, the dad dove took off and I've never seen him since. I will resist the urge to take a cheap shot at the obvious joke here, in keeping with my desire to be positive.

Photo from internet

The mom sat so very patiently for the longest time and soon, I could see the two babies getting too big to stay concealed beneath her breast. She was very faithful to the keeping of those babies and soon they flew the nest, literally.

Photo from the internet

This was so cute to me, I really enjoyed watching that dove. She would sit in the sun, the pouring rain and in the snow. I got up once to close the windows as it started to storm, and when I checked, she was right there on that nest. She would even use her beak to pick up those tiny little red 'blood' bugs that like to crawl on concrete outside to get nourishment as she sat there.

After her babies grew up and flew away, it wasn't long before I saw her there again, tending two more young eggs that would soon hatch. They are still small, about 1/2 of a baseball in size, each.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my living room when all of a sudden I heard this thump-thump on the glass of that window. I thought, "What the??" I got up and went over to see what was going on. Through the slats of the blinds, I saw only 1 baby and no momma. Hmmm Then I noticed two people standing on the sidewalk below pointing up and then pointing over with looks of awe and shock. I went to the back room and opened the window to inquire what had happened.

"That big a$$ bird just stole a baby from that window and flew up there and it's eating it!"

I looked up to the light post, NO WAY THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!

Photo from the internet

It was just perched up there eating one of my babies...er...I mean one of her babies!!! I live in the city, no way! It was like something on Planet Earth from the Discovery Channel. I went back to the window and pulled open the blinds and began a starring contest with the red-tailed hawk as it sat perched there as if deciding if it should just fly away or risk an encounter with me to take the other baby. I felt a strong desire to protect the other dove baby since it's mom retreated for her own safety. I really wasn't sure what I thought I would be able to do to protect it, but maybe my presence at the window helped, because the 'big a$$' bird with bright yellow talons flew away after a few minutes of looking at me in the window.

I kept checking in on the remaining baby and was delighted to see that the mom had returned, with caution, to care for what was left of her offspring. I felt a little sad for her. Don't get me wrong, I get the whole food chain deal but I still felt a little saddened.

Sometimes these things happen, I guess. It sure was odd though!