Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday!!!

I'd love to wish a very special niece a very special 10th birthday today!! Gone are the days of your sweet little voice asking me to play Barbies, gone are the days of rocking you in my arms and looking down at your sweet little face. >SIGH<

You have grown up so fast and there's no turning back! Soon you will be concerned with finding acne products that work instead of tea parties and kittens :-/ I love you very much and I want you to know I will always remember how cute you were and you will always be my little princess, I love you!!!

Green; it's where it's at

Nothing spells green quite like spinach! I love me some spinach...I enjoy it most when it's sautéed with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Mmmm, wish I had some right now. I will even eat it from a can, although that's not my preference to do so. I don't, however, enjoy it raw.

I've begun to see lots of recipes for spinach, I was wondering if anyone had some they might like to share? Last week between diet pill comparisons, I decided to improvise a great recipe for a pasta dish I found online using only what I had already available here in my office. The dish turned out great using broccoli but I must admit, would have been much better with spinach. So, what is your fave way to eat/prepare spinach?

All these nuts taste the same!

I love snacking on nuts. My 2 faves are pistachios and cashews. So I was excited to find a bag of mixed 100% natural nuts called Pistachio Grove Blend. The mix includes: pistachios, peanuts, almonds and cashews roasted in sea salt with no added oils. Sounds yummy, no?

They all taste the same! I guess it's because they all share the same enclosed space or something but every nut I put in my mouth tastes like the one before :( The flavors are all off, like prom dresses in hotel rooms! You put an almond in your mouth, BOOM! Generic "nut" flavor. Pistachio? BOOM! Generic "nut" flavor. Saddens me really, now I have a whole bag of great looking nuts that have 1 taste. Oh well, I know they are still good for me to snack on so I will power through the end of the bag. Plus, they are already paid for. I just won't be so quick to get mixed nuts again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change it up!

Well, apparently I've hit a plateau on my weight loss and I need to change it up a bit. I'm still eating what I set out to eat, healthy choices all around. I suppose I need to just break down and get moving!
It's not so easy to incorporate exercise into an already full schedule. Any tips and tricks you all have, I would love to hear them! Also, anyone who lives in my area who would also care to get moving with me, I'd love to see if we can work that out. I enjoy many different kinds of exercise so chances are we can find a mutual activity to encourage each other in. I'm not necessarily trying to lose weight fast but more at a healthy yet steady pace. I haven't lost anything significant in 2 weeks! Come on, let's change it up and get moving!! Anybody in??

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's not quantity, it's quality!

My friend always teases me about not posting to my blog very often. Well, I have news for him! I could post 2-3 times a day about nothing or I could actually formulate a decent post with content that is relevant to my life or things that I observe in the world.

I don't share everything about myself here. This is a blog, not a personal diary! Besides, you could have a humidor full of cigars but if they aren't Swisher Sweets (or the like), then what's the point? It'd just be a bunch of hot, stinky air I'd be blowing around. No thanks, I'll post when I have need to share something of value :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

All Aboard!! Chicago here we come...

A good friend of mine approached me recently about a possible train ride trip to Chicago and I couldn't be more excited!! Her daughter's 10th birthday is approaching and she really wants to get her a special item that can only be purchased in a couple of places and Chicago is one of them. I remember turning 10 (double digits!!) and I would have flipped my lid to take a train with my mom to Chicago to get a gift I've been wanting!I would just assume to hit a Big Sale at Mattel Shops here locally, to be honest. You can find great deals at Mattel and use the leftover savings to get fun wrapping paper or a birthday card! Now, don't get me wrong, I am in need of a small vacation...especially to a place I've never been before. Plus, I've always wanted to take the train to Chicago!! So I will 'get on board' and enjoy myself for the weekend. Chicago, here we come!

Oh Hazel!

Hazel regrets her choice of gloves. Clearly white is out after Labor Day. Oh the shame!

Play along on this Microfiction Monday!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fantasy Football Picks, Week 1

Football rarely comes to mind when I think 'fantasy' with the obvious exception to Peyton Manning. Obviously. That being said, I was invited to play along in a free fantasy football league by a friend and thought, "Hey, it's free, why not!?"

Now, it's no secret that I know as much about player & team stats as I do about Ferrari parts. Trust me, it's nil. So I did what I could and that's guess! Some of you may remember my *HUGE* crush on Peyton Manning. So that's where I started on the list. I found Indianapolis on the list and then clicked all other teams that were on the same side of the list. I chose the Colts to score the most points, this week's opposing team to score the least! Just like that, I'm all set for the first week's picks. I'll let ya know how I do. I'm not holding my breath LOL