Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knitting is fun!

Ok, so I like to dear friend Jen taught me last year. I'm still learning, but I really like the new creative outlet it brings. Also because of the ease of taking it places, as well as being crafty while watching tv! LOL So here's a cool site for knitting. I just joined some Yahoo knitting groups so hopefully I will get inspired to work more on finishing my projects and move on to new cool and fun things!
Until then, knit on!


Jen said...

We knitters have tostick together!! It is a true artform!

The Last Balancer said...

I have tried knitting, but never rally got into it, so I went back to swordwork and painting miniatures.

Good hobby though, very productive.
Of course, it will take much practice. Hope you find a TV show you like. . .

The Last Balancer said...

Update, Emperor curse you!


I need things to read

Patrick D. said...

Here's another great knitting site:

You're welcome.