Monday, June 08, 2009

'My Life in Ruins' - a movie review

I went to see the new movie 'My life in Ruins' on Saturday night with a friend. I had been seeing the previews for it for a while now and I was really looking forward to it.

The movie was no disappointment! It was full of funny blurbs and Nia Vardalos was beautiful and witty as usual. I don't know if she's been working out and eating right or if she's taken some Atrophex or what, but she had a great figure in this movie! Her clothes fit her really well and she was not overly skinny. Her skin was pretty and her hair was healthy looking too! She looked great and the part was a great part for her. It wasn't exactly like the part she played in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' so that was nice too.

I also really enjoyed the scenery of Greece, the ancient cities and ruins were wonderful! I may never actually get to visit there, so I really enjoyed the many stops along the tour route. Overall it was a great movie to go see with a friend. There is a bit of a love story that sprouts up and for that it might actually make a good date movie, as well. I'm glad I went to see it!

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