Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deer in my headlights

Traveling home from my second job on Sunday night around midnight, I saw a pretty good size buck out of my left side window. He was just standing there looking right at me.

As I realized I should be slowing down my speed, you know... *just in case*... he decided to bolt! If I didn't know any better, I'd think he was just standing there waiting for his next 'victim' to get oh so close before he made his move! He came right across the road in front of me and was only slightly in a hurry to do so. WTHeck, deer!!!??? I applied the maximum amount of brakes while trying to control the direction of my car. I had to turn a bit towards the end just to get that much more stopping distance out of it. It was close, guys. I was so very close to taking his legs out. At that point, I wouldn't even have killed the poor thing, I would have just hurt it and that would have been worse! No need for extra colon cleanser after an experience like this, let me tell ya. I'm just glad all is well that ends well. He continued across the road and into the grassy knoll next to the road, looking back at me as if he were mad cause I almost hit him! How dare I, after all? Sheeshk!!

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