Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween: anything goes?

When I was a kid, Halloween was that magical time when you could dress up like a fireman or ghost or perhaps a cute dog or clown. Since when does Halloween mean it's ok to dress like a street walker? Seriously.

Seeing 14 & 15 year old girls scantily clad has become acceptable in mainstream society but for some reason, Halloween has become an even bigger reason to let it all hang out and play up the part. I mean, dressing like 30 year old crack heads who need drug rehab treatment centers is just not a good idea on any day of the year, even for 30 year old crack heads. Just sayin'.... I'd love to see parents teaching more modesty and respect, yes even on Halloween. It's supposed to be a day for fun and candy and spooky creatures not tryouts for strip clubs and lap dances. You dress sexy every other day of the year why not step out of the 'norm' and cover up with an original self respecting idea for a change?


Patrick D. said...

I 'wonder' what's under that star? Get it? Because she's Wonder Woman?

(Seriously, you have the picture without the star? Hook a brother up. Unless she's underage.)

Patrick D. said...

Never mind...Googled it...found it!

BeccA's Buzz said...

There's really nothing showing under the star but I added it for effect. Pastor Scott was right yesterday, you could dress a woman in a tent and a man will still try to see what's under there. LOLOLOL