Thursday, December 02, 2010

Clown Face

I wore makeup today. "So what, you're a woman! Why is that a big deal?" you ask? Ever since I was a teenager, I always felt like a clown when I have makeup on. Not that I really ever knew the proper ways of applying it. Even when wearing the basics and being told it looked great, I *felt* like I looked like a clown.

I recently decided to start wearing eye liner only. I figure you can't go too wrong with just eye liner, right? Well, like most things I decide to start, it quickly faded and now it's been a few months or longer since I last put some on. Today I wore eye liner. At home I thought it looked ok but in the light of my office...clown face has reared it's ugly head! I don't know if it's because I'm just not used to the look of it or I honestly just don't like the look of it on me. It's just not fair that others can wear some makeup and look great and feel great about it. I guess I also need to find some eye creams that work. Maybe it would help if my face was firm and rested looking before I put it on. Well, anyway, if I just try it again and again, perhaps it will grow on me. Only time will tell, I guess!!


psychospazmom said...

Do It!!! And stop touching your face! Love ya!

Patrick D. said...

I thought something was different. It seemed to work out.

Tina Kubala said...

I hadn't worn makeup since my wedding in 2001 until early this year. (Been a while when you consider I'll be divorced in a matter of months - lol) Now, I'm wearing it from time to time. One of the many changes 2010 has brought into my life.

My problem was always not knowing what colors are right for me and how to properly apply. I'd gone to an event back in January and had my face done at the Clinique counter. They know what they are doing and can guarantee you pick the right stuff. Of course, I'd recommend only buying pricey foundation and finding similar products in cheaper brands for everything else.

You're beautiful no matter what, but it's nice to have a "dressy face" to go with a nice outfit, ya know?