Thursday, March 01, 2007

What are numbers saying to you?

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. Sue me.
My friend Patrick over at Patrick Says, had an interesting opinion about how certain numbers seem to have a gender specific feel. (See his blog entry "Manly Phone Numbers") Oddly enough, to some extent, I happen to agree. I have had these thoughts swimming around my head since I was a kid, I just thought I was crazy, so I never told anyone. But alas, I am not alone!
I would also like to add, that I see numbers as colors and also some have personality traits (usually noted strongest when handwritten, depending on penmenship, of course). Outside of Patrick's well expressed gender observations, here are some examples of how I see numbers:
0-well, clear

As far as personality traits, for some reason, when I write the numbers 3 and 5, they always look mad or mean. The others escape me right now, but at this point, I'm sure you are thouroughly convinced I am crazy anyway.

How about you, any observations on this subject??

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Patrick D. said...

Holy cow. An actual post.