Monday, December 28, 2009

Back pain go away, don't come again another day!


My back has been on again / off again (mostly off) since before I went to Branson! I know the unforgiving hotel bed did not help the already brewing situation any...and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been covered under travel medical insurance anyway. It's most likely due to my old, hand me down mattress that I desperately need to replace, but my back is killing me!

This morning I woke up feeling better and stronger and then WHAMMO! Standing over the sink doing dishes and it was good night Betty! Back spasms prompting side muscle spasms that wrap around....making me jerk...which makes my back spaz out more!!! I put ice on both spots today trying to calm it all down. I also took some Motrin but I think I need more.

I have been putting off doing laundry because I just can't imagine carrying loads of heavy laundry down the odd back stairs of my apartment but I just can't put it off anymore. This is one of those times I wish I had a nice strong helpful husband to carry all the laundry down for me! Of course, that would just mean that I would have even more laundry to do!!

Please pray for my back to knock it off and be strong for the next 4 hours. Thanks!

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Dot said...

Becca! It's been a long time since I looked at your blog and just read this one about your back. I've had back issues since an injury when I was 13 (that's almost 45 years ago!) and truly do empathize! And just this past month I've dealt with pain unlike any other I've felt before. I was caring for my MIL after her stroke and did real harm to myself. I don't regret helping mom, but wish there had been someone to give me a hand with her. This put an immediate end to my caregiver days and mom is now in a nursing home and happy as a clam. Meanwhile, I've been on pain pills, prayer and tears. I know the Lord will sustain me, but it's very hard sometimes to keep away from the pity parties. I'm grateful that my husband can help me with the laundry, etc. I really feel for you and will certainly add you to my prayer list! Take care.