Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cheating on my mind...

There are 2 people I know right now who are potentially cheating on their spouse or with someone who has a spouse. No wait, did I say *think*? I'm sorry, I totally meant, I pretty much know it's happening! They bring the person out into social situations and/or discuss their marital unhappiness publicly! UGH, I'm all discouraged and let down and disappointed and aggravated and on and on. I never thought they would be the kind of people who would do this. The saddest part is, they are not even trying to hide it really, as if nothing is the matter with it.

And now I'm drinking a Pepsi! See, it's spreading...I'm a loyal Coca Cola drinker! I want to run away and escape...perhaps I'll go in search of some good deals on Toronto hotels for the weekend.

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