Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Decline of Intelligenz....

I don't know if you have noticed this in your world...but it seems to me that there is a significant decline of intelligence these days. Now, I won't pretend to be smarter than a fifth grader because let's face it, I have forgotten more than I remember from that era of my life!

I have noticed that, basic rules from spelling and English language skills seem to be harder and harder to see. Texting and Instant Messaging lingo has slipped in and no one seems to care that today's youth uses such bad grammar!! The saddest part is to see adults who *should* know better sliding off that slope with the rest of them. Now it is moving beyond text and IM, here's one tiny example I took straight from a Facebook comment: "HOORAY WHERE BACK ON BUSINESS!" First of all, the saying is "We're back in business." Where is a place and since when is anyone ON business?? Oy vay!!

Chatsling, Netlingo and all the other Text lingos are sometimes hard to interpret as well. For some great online helps, try Teenangels. They offer a variety of helps by teens to parents and teachers for things like cyberbullying, game ratings and much, much more. Did I mention it was free info??

Parents, please have a discussion with your children about these things. Help them with their language and English skills around the house...don't ever give up! Sure itz fun 2 b cre8ive & all dat just try to incorporate some good grammar when you can. Don't rely on the

Ok, now you can go back to researching life insurance quotes or whatever else you do online...

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Adie said...

Great blog. I so agree.
I am one of those adult offenders however. I am now in college and slowly learning I can not write text or IM lingo on a patients chart!