Friday, April 09, 2010

I got my Facebook back!

Over the past, oh I don't know....year or so, I have been increasingly involved in a Facebook game called Mafia Wars. Stop me if you've heard someone say this before but it went from a casual enjoyment to a full on obsession!! To be honest, it was getting to the point of jeopardizing my job because I was not getting my work completed to the best of my abilities. For shame!!!

But how do you 'get out' when you are a made lady? I mean I was a tagged player with an elite all woman's fighting group who gifted me much loot and bang bangs to make me a strong player for when we would be at war with another tagged group. The {PD-KTB} really put a lot into me and I enjoyed my squad, The Sirens. Interacting within the group was/is so much fun!

The reason I decided this week to leave the game...was the game itself. Zynga must have had 4,000,000 people working on this thing to come up with SO MANY aspects of play that just to touch base on some of them, took all day long, literally! In the end, I had taken on over 800 'friends' and my wall was so clouded with Mafia Wars stream posts that it was impossible for me to even find any legitimate posts from my friends and family. Facebook was no longer Facebook, it was the website I played Mafia Wars on. I spent so much time 'working' the game, I couldn't even have researched gmat prep courses if I wanted to! No, if I was online I was involved with some aspect of Mafia Wars.

In an effort to be a better steward of my resource of time, I am leaving Mafia Wars for good. I have spent a considerable amount of time this week, gifting back tons of loot and bang bangs to a couple of friends and the rest all went back to the girls of The Sirens. I also unloaded over 800 unnecessary 'friends' from my profile! I really did enjoy the game until it became work and that wasn't fun anymore. I love the Sirens and everyone else in the PDs and KTB! I wish you all luck and try not to let it get the best of you :) Now, I finally have my Facebook back!!!


Misty said...

Have you been sneaking back on Mafia Wars??? I was so proud of you getting rid of it, then I thought I might had seen a post were you were back at it again. Come on girl---Where is your Will Power???!!!

BeccA's Buzz said...

I took an entire week off! Then after the week was finished, I felt it was ok to come back as long as I didn't let it interfere with real life like it was before. I take turns here and there and interact with my tag clan and that's it! I don't let it possess so much of my time like before and I'm ok with it :) Thanks for asking though, it's always ok to do that!!!