Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ah ha!

Well, I think I figured it out...
(back story) I live on a very strict budget. I know how much I have, what goes out and what is coming up. All my bills get paid, I've started myself on a snowballing payment plan to move towards a debt free life. I know my money. I'm the kind of person who is just waiting for the bill to come, so I can pay it.
Yesterday when I checked my balance, there was an outstanding amount that did not match my outstanding items. This made me have that uneasy and fussy feeling all day until I verified it & sure enough, one of my bills (for internet) cleared for double! So, after many phone calls and customer service reps (some even spoke English!) the problem is now being fixed. They did admit it was their mistake, 'course that doesn't make my money instantly reappear....
But, my fussy feeling is gone!

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