Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's on now!!!

As some of you know...I am planning a trip to England in September 2007 to visit my dear friend Amelia & her dapper husband Poe.

Today's most notable development comes in the form of the official purchase of my airline tickets.


That was very daunting. Personally, a huge step for me to click that 'Purchase' button. I have been to the Continental Airlines website many many times pricing and checking the flight times and available seats and such, but today, I actually reserved my seats!!!

I will be leaving St. Louis on Sat. Sept. 15, 2007 on a 2 1/2 hour flight to Newark, NJ. After a 6 hour layover, I will board another flight to Bristol, England. This flight will be about 7 hours long. I will arrive on Sunday morning Sept. 16, 2007.

While I am visiting England, we are planning an extended weekend trip to Florence, Italy. We are most likely leaving England on Thu. Sep. 20, 2007 and coming back to England on Mon. Sep. 24, 2007.

We may take a train ride up to Genoa on Sat. Sep. 22, 2007, where my ancestors are from. (supposedly, I should look further into that first)

The return flights are similar to my departure flights with the obvious exception of opposite direction.

I'm so excited at the same time, very nervous. My passport has been ordered. I'll keep you informed of my travel developments as they unfold.

Please feel free to share any travel advice or if you have visited any of these places, please make some suggestions of things you liked to do on your visit!

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