Friday, February 05, 2010

Back to school?

I've spoken recently about my need to find a new career. I was never one for school much, had a hard time transitioning from private school back into public school which ultimately contributed to the demise of my scholastic career in my Junior year of high school. Sigh...

I do regret not finishing high school even though I did get my G.E.D. about 2 months before I would have graduated. Still, that G.E.D. never offers me an invitation to a class reunion :(

Speaking of higher education, I have dabbled around it a few times. I took a Certified Nurses Assistant course at the local community college and worked in that field for a few short years. Later, I took Accounting 101 at a different branch of the local area community college and finished at the top of my class! Of course, my prior on the job experience in the field added to my success.

Thinking about changing or adding to my current career in the Accounting and Payroll field, I'm not sure how I feel about online business administration degrees. I think I need to do a bit more research. Obvious questions keep popping up in my mind. Having no face to face contact with your instructor seems a bit odd. If you have to ask questions, do you just email? Now we are relying on our skills to communicate our needs or questions via written word as well as interpret a response accordingly. Still, when I have ventured out into the job pool at various times over the past few years, a lack of a degree of some kind was a thorn on my resume. I have known several people who have had great success with online classes! Perhaps I should consider and reconsider my options and take a class or two from an accredited online college. I'll keep you updated!

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Kel Rohlf said...

Becca- Sound like adventure beckons...I think online classes definitely work if you like to work independently. But I do like being around people at college :) Glad to see you back in the blog world...I have been neglecting mine, too...lots of homework...but I think I have a little break for a few days...yeah