Monday, February 15, 2010

Crush alert: Anthony Bourdain

It's true...a bit of a dirty little secret I have to admit but lately I've just had a *thing* for Anthony Bourdain! I mean, hello, he's tall and he makes dang good money by traveling around the entire world EATING for goodness sakes.

How have I managed to miss his show called "No Reservations" all these years? There's just something intriguing about the rise and fall of his voice as he narrates. He's also a writer, which is hot. Of course he has a serious potty mouth and some of the things he eats, I would die before putting in my mouth, but based on sound alone though, I think he could even make diet supplement reviews sound interesting. I like that he searches for more than just cuisine from the locations he visits. I felt happy for him on the episode where he FINALLY got his shellfish tower LOL Anthony, slice me off a piece of whatever you are serving!

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