Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogging is old news, really?

I was interviewed by Tim Barker, a writer from The article titled "Still blogging? FYI: It's old news" was written discussing how 'young people' have abandoned blogging for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace. Although I was well out of the 'younger generation of bloggers' he was looking to interview, we spoke at length about many things. It's always very interesting to me to read what someone gleans from a conversation. You'll have to read down to the last 2 paragraphs of the article to find where I'm mentioned.

BeccA's Buzz, by the way, is the blog I referred to as a 'big ol' bowl of soup in terms of content.' You know me, I could be talking about taking a trip or incontinence products or heck, maybe both at the same time! At any rate, I don't plan to stop blogging...not anytime soon. So you young people can do whatcha like creating and following all the newest trends but my blog and I will be chatting it up for a long, long time. Oops, I said 'you young people'....spoken like a true old person! LOL


brad said...

OMG, they referred to as 29 and older as older adults - I'm going to have to contact the journalist on this one.

It's tough to tell with the numbers of then and now regarding the internet because everything was so new back then so it was cool to do regardless of the age group. Then again, doesn't everything seem more fast paced these days anyways?

Interesting article, very cool that you got your name/blog into the stltoday, congrats.


BeccA's Buzz said...

Thanks Brad, yes...very cool. I do wish I'd gotten atleast some link love though :(

Tina Kubala said...

Like any trend, now that blogging is not news anymore, the real bloggers are still here. Books have been dead for ages.

We are an elite club. Do we get a secret handshake, too?

BeccA's Buzz said...

@Tina, they haven't shown you the secret handshake yet? Ooops, that's only at the Tues/Thurs club meetings.... LOL ;-)