Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Getting caught up

It feels so good to get caught up on paperwork! I just started a new business (more on that later) and it was surprising to me to see how quickly the receipts piled up! I have worked in accounting for the past 12 years and so I have a clue or two about how to manage the money and keep good track of the expenses & income.

I just created a wonderful spreadsheet that will do all those things for me! All I have to do now, is keep up with the data entry as it happens. Sounds easy enough but for me "Queen Procrastinator" I have a tendency to let things go because I can't do it 100% the way I think in my head it HAS to be done so things go undone largely around me.

Now I have time to do other things! Like shop for allergy bedding or go for a walk along the beach. Wait, I live in Mid America, there are no good beaches here! :)

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