Saturday, May 01, 2010

GASP!!! Mission accomplished.

At the risk of sounding judgmental, is this what we are wearing to take the kids to the playground now?No bra, no over-shirt, no class. The obvious mission this morning when getting dressed...if she even did get dressed and didn't just roll out of bed dressed this way (I wear spaghetti strap shirts with no bra to sleep in) was to draw attention to herself.

I guess if you are a loving and caring parent, you would do this too! After all, dressing like *this* would indeed draw every eye, both child & adult eyes, to you and away from your child...just in case there were any pervs at the park eyeballing your kid. Well, her mission is accomplished. You can't help but to gawk at her, mostly in disbelief and disgust. I feel sorry for people that feel they need to dress this way or that it's even appropriate to dress like this outside your home. I hope she gets someone, a friend or sister of some kind to tell her she doesn't have to give it all away upfront, there's absolutely NOTHING left to the imagination in this case...and trust me. This is a modest camera angle. Sad.

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