Monday, May 24, 2010

With moving comes new furniture needs.

Well, that's 1 thing for sure, if I move I may need new furniture! Right now I don't even have a kitchen table and chairs. My sofa and love seat and chair are still nice. Although, I slept on my leather sofa for a while and now it's not that great to sit on.

I bought leather furniture because I had 2 cats and their hair wouldn't be a problem...and it wasn't. But I don't have my furry babies anymore and I can enjoy whatever kind of furniture I want! Maybe I'll start looking at contemporary sofas, I like some sectionals I've seen in the mail ads. Although I don't enjoy it when the pieces begin to separate on you while you are getting up or down, perhaps there is a way to lock them together? We'll see. I don't even know where I'm moving to yet but I am leaning more towards a place with some amenities. :) Never had those before!!!

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