Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mmm, nutmeats!

Pistachio nutmeats that is. I love 'em lately!!! I snack on them all the time, probably more than I should actually but I just can't help myself!!

In an effort to not just fault to some sort of diet pills or other 'quick fix' type situation, I've decided to re-think my ideas about foods and how they work in my body. Gallstones are no fun, I hear and I'm really doing all I know right now to stave off surgery. Also being told my cholesterol is far too high is another good reason to add the health benefits of nuts such as pistachios to my diet.

Now, I just said the 'D' word but I am not afraid! I will not let my mind overtake me on this one. I will simply tell myself those bad foods don't exist and then I won't crave them! So far, so good. The only really tempting thing I've encountered in the past couple of weeks was some bread pudding. But I did not give in. I simply told myself maybe someday in the future I could enjoy some again. For right now, though, it is way more important for me to stay on track with healthier foods and try to get my cholesterol down down down.

Expect more topics on such subjects in the future. It's big with me now! I'm already down about 10 lbs. so that is an encouragement as well. I am far less miserable than I was just 2 weeks ago!


Kel Rohlf said...

Good for you! I enjoy reading your posts. I have to get back to blogging. Are you going to Lynni's Spiritual CPR journaling this time?

Kel Rohlf

Patrick D. said...

Ah, nutmeat. Reminds me of a simpler time, when Grandpappy would sit outside the barn playing the spoons. Us kids would shoot marbles until Ma called us to shuck corn. Sometimes she'd let us listen to the Victrola or a radio serial. Then for dessert, Dad would serve us nutmeat pie.

BeccA's Buzz said...

If only more people could enjoy a good nutmeat pie, things could get back to that simpler time. I miss shuckin' corn! :)