Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pulp: To chew or not to chew? That is the question.

I've recently learned that orange juice helps lower cholesterol and since that is a big goal of mine at the moment, I decided to drink some every day.

Why not? I really enjoy orange juice! The issue is, now that I've began to shop all the varieties of orange juices, I've really noticed a problem. You can have it with tons of pulp OR no pulp at all. Really? What ever happened to just orange juice with whatever amount of pulp gets in there naturally? Why is it made overly complicated with choices? Is it really that much of an issue that they had to use the wisdom of Solomon to decide? "It's either full of pulp or none at all!"

I'm sorry, I have no desire to eat chunky OJ and if there's none at all, it might as well be Sunny D. No thanks! Why are people so afraid to eat or drink something in it's natural state? The way it was designed...no, they'd rather have man made products than real produce. Ah yes, the great pulp debate lives on! Now if I have this much trouble shopping for ipods, I'm gonna be in trouble! LOL


psychospazmom said...

There are some out there that have just 'some' pulp. I like pulp myself, but my family doesnt. SO, I am stuck buying the no pulp variety. Next time I go shopping I will look for the brand that I know is just 'some', and let you know! :)

BeccA's Buzz said...

I'm on my second gallon jug and I only want the kind that is all juice, not from concentrate. I got a different kind this time and I don't like it as much. I opted for the lots of pulp kind. It's sludge-ish-like. It'd be great if I were planning to make a smoothie or something.

I also splurged and got a jug of orange-strawberry-banana. Remember that kind!? Mmmmmm