Monday, February 07, 2011

Weekend move update

Friday morning I was up and packing at 8 am. Working to complete the craft room was my goal for the daytime because I had a couple of friends scheduled to come in the evening and completing the bedroom was the goal for the evening. I really wanted to get the rest of my clothes and cold foods moved over to the new place at night's end. Of course, there began to filter in mentions of snow overnight. On my way down the driveway at the new place, I fell on the ice. Landed very hard on my rear end. I immediately began to cry, probably out of fear that I was hurt. Once I took a few breaths, I realized, "Why am I crying? I'm not actually hurt!" Probably just a rush of emotions. I've been having alot of those lately. I have a few phobias: falling on ice or anywhere else for that matter, management jobs because I hate making other people's schedules and big rocks under water. I know, I'm weird. At any rate, I'll probably be very sore after this slip and fall.

Things never go as planned, as I'm sure you've learned in life. Unplanned things happen, you have to learn to take things in stride. Friday night, put quite simply, I was exhausted. Physically and mentally. The Mexican restaurant below my apartment had no notions of my fret and partied like it was Cinco De Mayo. Around 2:30 am, I finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion and I have no real idea of how long they were noise downstairs.

Saturday morning there was just too much snow to go through with the move. I couldn't live with myself if someone got hurt trying to help me! So, I called it off for that day. Saturday night, things were oddly quiet downstairs and I found myself relieved that I might actually get some rest. This was not to be. I think perhaps they were partying next door and around 1:30 or 2 am, they decided to bring it back over to the kitchen and restaurant below me. It was like living above Tijuana on Cinco De Mayo! Around 3:45 am I called the police. After about 15 minutes of continued disruptive noise, I decided to go to the front of the apartment and watch out the window for an officer to come. About 45 minutes later, I decided to call back, you know, make sure they had the correct address or something. The dispatcher looked it up in the computer and said, an officer responded within 5 minutes of my original call! I told him there had been no change in the noise and he put it back in the system. About 10 minutes later, I saw an officer come and finally they all began to leave. 5:15 am, and it was finally quiet so I could go to sleep. I'm soooo ready to be out of there!

Sunday I went to church and then had lunch with my brother and a couple of friends from his church. I spent the rest of the afternoon stripping my bed and packing the bedding. I gathered the remaining essentials from the bathroom, shower curtain included and paced my car to the gills. On my way over to the new place, albeit temporary, I felt for the first time in this whole process, a sense of happiness. A glimpse of joy and relief. Sitting at a red light, I finally felt like I could enjoy this move! So much of the hardest part is behind me, packing and sorting and deciding...I can now focus on the best parts of why I'm moving in the first place! A better life, peace at night and safety. The last few weeks, I have not felt safe at my apartment. Perhaps that's why I haven't been resting. Between that and the mice, it's been less than desireable for a while now.

After shoveling the walkway and putting out salt, unloading the car and getting everything ready in the bedroom to receive the bed, I went to the kitchen and warmed up some leftovers. I pulled a daybed that was left in the dining room over to the kitchen counter and sat in peace to enjoy my first meal in the new place. Sigh...peace. I have no idea what is going on with the super bowl, don't much care. I didn't even know who won until I got on Facebook earlier today! My brother came over after the game to move my bed to the new place and after getting it carried in and all made up, I enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted sleep! Peace.

Monday morning brings a very sore body. This move and the icey fall are starting to take affect on this body but I can see light at the end of the tunnel and it's wonderful! :)


Vivian said...

I am so sorry you have had a hard time...but God has brought you thru it and he will provide some much needed rest!
Thank you again for the envelopes...they were wonderful!

BeccA's Buzz said...

Thank you Vivian! I'm so glad you can use them, they were given to me and I really did intend to put them to good use. You are the bestest card maker this side of Memphis and I couldn't think of anyone else more deserving. Keep up that cardmaking girl!!! I may be looking to sell some Stampin Up stamp sets soon, so stay posted! :)