Monday, February 16, 2009

Enough is enough!

Yep, I'm there again. The place where I'm physically at my limit. I am no longer able to be comfortable and all my clothes are getting too small and nothing new in the stores fits right and again I am finding myself at the edge of what I can handle.

How can I expect my body to be strong and ready to serve others and get through what I ask it to get through everyday if I am overloading it with junk? Some people turn to various strict diet and work out regimens. I'm not interested in losing a bunch of weight rapidly and focusing on the pounds and results. What I am interested in, first and foremost is getting back to my online bible study called The Lord's Table: Phase 1. I was part of the way in to this fantastic and FREE 60 day study before and dropped the ball. I have an obligation to honor God in all my ways and that includes the health I have control over. The study will help me to make better eating decisions and discover the importance of being intentional about working exercise into my life a few times a week. If I get a grip on a few simple things, the Lord will control the results and I'm ok with that. So, enough is enough already, it's time for me to get focused!

I'd like to get back to things I used to do that were fun, like Six Flags or going back to Washington DC and Baltimore but in this condition, I am not ready for that, that's for sure! Not only do I need to get my physical self into shape, but get my finances into shape, too. I want to save up for it so I won't have any debt as in my prior trips, I'd also need to look into things like travel insurance online and new luggage.

I'll come back and share my tips and tricks. What works and what doesn't work so well. Perhaps you have a few ways you are intentional in realm of eating and exercise that you can share with me, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what works for you!


Vivian said...

When I am in serious diet mode I only eat food that are on the outside walls of the grocery store...only fresh fruit, veggies, meat, milk, eggs..etc. God made food.

the inside lanes all have food, GOD DID NOT MAKE.....boxed meals, cookies, other words, junk food.

4streegrrl said...

I agree with Vivian - stick to what the planet produces best... food in its purist form. Marketers and food scientists make the stuff in boxes and wrapped in plastic. To me, it seems to be a waste of perfectly good food ingredients when they are turned into a cheaply made packaged product. I liken it to turning trees into disposable paper cups. Not very respectful of the earth's bounty, that's for sure.

My husband has his degree in Food Science and has worked in the food industry for many years, so I *know* more about that side of things than I ever care to. *lol*

I'm thinking of you on your journey to a healthier diet. :)

Anonymous said...

I found a neat tool--it tells you how long you have to do a chosen type of exercise to work off the calories from a chosen type and amount of dessert.

Radically modifying your calorie intake from day to day will help lose weight. But when you go back to eating "normally" your body will tend to try to rebalance itself at a weight it thinks is normal. has a lot of good information about how to eat a healthy, balanced diet and to get the most nutrition out of the calories you intake. They have some weight loss tools as well. All free.

For what it's worth, because I know that what *I* need is mindfulness and accountability (your mileage may vary), and I don't find what I need at Jenny Craig around here the way it used to be 12 years or so ago, we're going to check out the local Weight Watchers group sometime soon. I'm not sure if that's what we'll end up going with, but that's where we're headed. Group support plus flexible involvement/commitment... especially important to be flexible since we're going to want to stop whatever if/when we get pregnant, so we don't want to make a long-term commitment.

Apparently, according to the Republican party "Americans can do anything" so since you're an American, you must be able to do this. We're rooting for you!