Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What a beautiful day for a toenailectomy!

The weather in St. Louis is just gorgeous today! I believe it was in the 70's, nice. I did get out for a brief time to go to the podiatrist and have a partial toenailectomy. Oooo, yay.

I only noticed my toe hurting a couple of days ago and it soon showed signs of infection and just wasn't getting any better so I decided to fork out the $40 copay and see the specialist. It was my first ever visit to this kind of Dr. so I was a bit apprehensive. He assured me that he went through this many times when he was a child and that is what made him interested in this field.

So, they sprayed freezing spray on it, then numbed it with shots, then in no time at all, the Dr. had cut out the ingrown portion of the nail and had me bandaged up ready to go! I was back in my office staring at the ceiling fans dreading the time when the numbing meds wear off before I knew it. I didn't watch the procedure. I took a book and honestly couldn't tell anyone was doing anything to me. Thank you, Lord! Eek, I think the numbing meds are losing their strength... Thank God I thought to bring a pair of flip flops with me today, 'just in case.'

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