Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Do you have a blog?"

The coolest thing happened to me the other day in Target. I was roaming around the store shopping for what seemed like everything short of appetite suppressants, I really need to start making a list to take with me. Anyway, I had just enjoyed a 15 minute conversation with a little old lady who noticed I had kitty litter in my basket and wanted to discuss our love of cats :)
After I walked away from that furry conversation, I began again to wonder through the store. Suddenly I heard a woman speak to me asking, "Do you have a blog?" I replied 'yes' with a bit of surprise. "And you went to London?" At this point I was stunned because I wrote about that like, 2 years ago! "Yeeeeees....?" She then tells me that her friend has a blog with a similar name and she also had gone to London. She stumbled upon my mine by pure accident looking for her friend's blog and she recognized me from my blog!!! Wow! I was blown away that I could be recognized on the street because of this cool!

I told my mom about the encounter with Heidi (I think that's your name, please correct me if it's not, sorry!!!) and my mom cried out, "My daughter is a celebrity!!!" She had a big grin on her face. I didn't have the heart to tell her that was highly unlikely. Especially with my page ranking and traffic scores. But it is nice to be recognized for something positive :)

Heidi if you are reading this, thanks for stopping me to say 'Hi', it really made my day. Congrats on the pregnancy and don't give up on your blog. I hope you stop by here again and leave me a comment so I can come find your blog, too!


4streegrrl said...

Cool story! I usually only get recognized from the Crowded House fan forums when I am standing in line for a concert... after posting, maybe, one photo of myself with a band member five years hence. *lol*

Fun. :)

BeccaGirl said...

Hey, that's a pretty cool story too! I remember Crowded House, I remember liking them :) Thanks for stopping by!

Tina Kubala said...

How cool. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only "real" person who blogs, so I love feedback. The only person in my normal life who blogs is my parent's pastor in Seattle. I've only met him when I was out there from my brother's wedding. It turns out, he is a talented blogger. Since my mom doesn't have a computer I'm always telling her "oh, Matt blogged about that."

My only weird encounter was backwards from yours. One of the managers at work came up to me out of the blue saying he'd found my sight. He'd been Googling something like "funny nerd pictures" because he sends out a daily funny picture to his team. When he say "Tina Kubala" come up, he checked to see if it was me. He was like "I can't believe you call yourself a nerd." I was just happy to come up in a search engine.