Friday, April 24, 2009

New addiction on Facebook...Farm Town!!

I am prone to addiction. I know this. I must repeat things over and over. If I even visit something like Amazon books, I'm there getting a stack of books! Addicted!!!

Well, as if I wasn't already addicted to Facebook enough, now I've discovered a new app to spend copious amounts of time on. It's called Farm Town!

Love it!!! I'm totally addicted. I don't want to work, I don't want to sleep. I want Farm Town! I only wish there was a way to get the crops to grow quicker LOL It's too fun and by the way, if you have any crops to harvest, I'm your girl! The only thing I don't like is pimping yourself in the marketplace for harvesting jobs to earn money to run your own farm. Other than that, it's awesome! Try it and come be my neighbor. I need a couple more :)


BeccaGirl said...

I even dreamed about it last night! I see tiny squares of crops everywhere!

Phoenix said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I am already addicted to facebook so I will have to check it out! lol

I have tagged you on my blog. Please click here to see the meme! I hope you will join in! :)

Clara said...

You, too?! I avoided Facebook as long as I could, but I really wanted to see a video and had to be a member. So I caved in and now I, too, am addicted to Farmtown!