Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Eeek, it's been hot out!

Summer has just about arrived here in St. Louis. The mornings and nights are cooler (only by a bit) but the heat in the daytime can be relentless!!! I'm almost to the point right now that I cringe when I think about being outside during that hot muggy midday sun. Unless it's to go swimming in a nice cold and inviting pool or river! I remember as a kid, I could play outside all day and I never really noticed the heat as much as I do now. I mean, I lose my breath so easily, I almost need one of those Evergo oxygen concentrators just to keep from passing out!!!

My landlord finally installed a new A/C in my living room over the holiday weekend. It's a good thing too, the temps were up to 88 or higher in there on some days! Of course, we still had our smaller A/Cs in the bedrooms so atleast we could sleep. I just can't sleep when I'm hot. The new A/C is programmable, has a sleep setting and a timer...even came with a remote! I wish they'd have kept the book for me though, who the heck knows how to take full advantage of the settings if you don't know what they all do!? Oh well, maybe I can find the instruction manual online!

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