Thursday, June 03, 2010

On the brink of something good

I've been collecting Coca Cola cap codes and entering them for a while now. It's just me so they don't add up very fast except when someone blesses me with a zip lock full of them :) (WINK! Anybody? Anybody?)

I have already cashed some points in & received a cell phone skin that I personalized, which is cool. But now I have even more points accumulated and I'm on the brink of getting something *good*. Of course I could be spending my time online with better things, like how I can save money comparing health insurance quotes or even researching how to run an alpaca farm. Sure, I could do that and I might but getting junk for free from Coke is also fun for me! Those points are burning a hole in my virtual pocket! Just a little more and I'll have a can cooler or free movie ticket!


And Miles To Go... said...

Hey!! Long time no see! Wanted to let you know that I'm blogging again and I wanted to tell you that I missed you! Glad to see you still have the blog! I GOOGLED your blog and it came up :) I miss the witty banter we used to have between us!


BeccA's Buzz said...

Bridget dear, it's been TOO long!!! Awesome to see you back to blogging, no one should ever stop! :)

Can't wait to read your new blogging fodder....when I have the time. Things are so very hectic for me right now with working full time, part time and I have a Miche Bag business. Hopefully I will be moving soon and things will slow down a bit for me. Thanks for googling me, love that!! Stop by any time!!!