Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is the deal with pickles lately?

I'm craving them like crazy!!! I think it all started with a pickle from Jimmy John's sandwich shop. They have a jumbo dill that they cut in 1/2 for you. It's so yummy and juicy and cold!! I really do crave pickles now.

Even at home, I can hear them calling me from the fridge....spears, baby dills and bread and butters! I'm pretty sure they aren't good for me, I mean, I don't think you'll find them on any fat burner review or list of healthy snacks anywhere! I am enjoying them in moderation but the crunch and juiciness call my name when I'm needing a snack!!

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Robin said...

Its the sodium in the pickles that is the bad part. I have had to learn to like pickles, bread and butter ones especially.