Thursday, December 20, 2007

Long lost post

Well, you may have thought I was somewhere in drug rehabilitation like Britney you-know-who should be because I haven't posted in almost a week! Well, I assure you, I have no need for that, it's just been one of those things. I have been frustrated about my header and not knowing how to fix it for the past week and a half. The most frustrating part for me was spending aaaaaaaaallllllllll this time constructing it and adding the wording and getting a great background to match it and all that, just to have it ruined and I am now unable to share with my readers, my Christmas banner that I made! Grrr.

To my knowlege, there still isn't any kind of fix for the issue, I keep visiting boards and people say they will help me, but it's been a week and a half and no one has actually came through with a solution. If you have experienced this issue and know of a fix, please let me know! All the boards I've been reading say to find "header-inner" and "header-wrapper" and fix the dimentions on there, but I do not have either one of those in my html! So now what?

I plan to make some changes in the near future, probably to coicide with the upcoming new year, to make this blog more about me, and my thoughts and my writings and such. I don't care too much for all the different meme's I've been doing and when I look back at my blog, that's about all I can see lately. I didn't even do my own 'Give Me Five' meme this past Monday. I think that it mostly bothered me because none of my readers even noticed or commented or anything. So really, it's not a big deal. I'll just start again next week.

For now, I want to share with you something I wrote to a friend about some issues they are having with a friend and potentially in the throws of breaking up a long friendship. Obviously I have changed the names, for my protection LOL I am putting this here just in case someone out there is going through something similar and my words can be encouragement to move on or find clarity.

You know, X doesn't seem to be in a reasoning mood right now. If she didn't pay to have the coat cleaned, she's not going to even entertain the idea of the duckie stuff. She might actually turn it around and how dare you when you did blah blah whatever and figure out some way you owe her! She might not ever see things from the other side, that's her problem. She just has to learn that other people don't share her single sided view of the world. It's a small price to pay for a big lesson learned, I guess. At this point, you might as well cut your losses and just try to separate with the least amount of collateral damage as possible. Nothing will ever or could ever give you back the years of service and dedication and loyalty you put into your relationship. I'd sure hate to think that everything crumbled because of one comment from you. There has to be a whole lot more going on here, you just gave her the out she was searching for, it seems. I've seen her do that, be on the way out with someone and then the first little thing, she's ceasing the opportunity to take the victim role. Like with M, "She never called me back". Boo. Hoo. 6 years wasted. There was so much more going on than 'she never called me back'. We all suffered for that one.

I surely hope she can find a way in her life to stop thriving on the drama and all the attention ploys and feeling the need to contrive and belittle and control everything around her. If she keeps doing that, she's someday going to realize all she has around her are lies and fakeness. No one wants to be controlled like that or talked down to. X has soooo much potential of being this awesome friend and person to be around. It's all lost when she begins to twist and dig and self center everything. What will she do when she realizes the world doesn't revolve around her likes and whims? She has been catered to and spoiled for so long, her sense of entitlement has reached a soaring new height. No one on earth owes her anything. I can't spend my life being caught up in all that. I have a life of my own to answer for. A future to build with God as my focus and the eternal life to come has to be my priority! I can't be bothered with all this high school senseless and fruitless drama. We are supposed to be living purposeful lives to be more like Christ! Frankly I don't see how any of this bickering and not getting along and petty squabbles over who said and did and all that is furthering the glory of God!?!? As a matter of fact, it's going full steam ahead in the opposite direction taking down the witness to onlookers who would rather get along just fine without their Christian friends and all the dumb drama that goes along with it.

I think you have enough going on, that you should try to declutter your plate a little. You have a full and happy life and have so much to look forward to and things to keep you busy! It's great, God has blessed you in so many ways. I'm sorry you are having so many physical issues right now, but I just know in my heart that de-stressing will help you feel better physically too. I hope the doctor can get some relief to you too. Let me know what you decide to do about the X stuff. If I were you, definitely don't do any of this stuff in front of other people like at that thing on Sat. Even though you know they aren't that happy with her or her kids, don't put them in the position of taking a side and standing up with you against her. Remember, not many people have the balls to stand up to her and the whole thing might backfire. Just cut your losses. Sometimes life isn't fair, but you have to let God be the judge and jury on that and He *will* do that thing He does! :) We have to give Him room to opperate!!!!

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Phoenix said...

I noticed you did not do the Meme this last week, but I just was not sure where to comment or if I would weird you out commenting since I am new to reading your blog and all! lol I am so sorry your banner did not work out if I had any advice as to how to fix I would for sure help! I hope you are able to figure it out soon and that you had a very Merry Christmas! I also hope to see your Meme back up soon! :) :)