Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wine about this!

It has been a couple of months now, since my big trip to England and Italy. I must say, I haven't enjoyed a glass of wine since my time in Tuscany! Oh the meals of splendor and succulence! My mouth may never be the same! But I digress.

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving this fine gift:

The package was well padded and inside I found a beautifully wrapped bottle of 2005 Belvedere Chardonnay complete with a bow! Alongside I also discovered a 2004 bottle of Bradford Mountain Zinfandel, also finished with a bow, perfectly presented as a wrapped gift in Gold Medal tissue papers. The package also included a number of other accoutrement. I found a gift card with my name printed on it! I also found a special holiday gift guide explaining all the different wine of the month options they offer as well as explanations about the gift memberships.

Included in my box was a copy of the latest addition of The Wine Press, the Gold Medal Wine Club Newsletter Vol. 17 No. 9. I read through it with much delight. It was full of commentary, photos of the vineyards and fun facts, there was even a funny little cartoon to entertain me! The newsletter contained an article about the 2 yummy wines I received giving information even down to the fruits invloved in it's making, awards they have been recognized for and what to pair them best with, just to name a few details! I was particularly fond of the 'Food for Thought' page which offered up recipes too! What a great idea for a gift for yourself or any other wine lover on your list this year!

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