Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Award Giveaway #1 - Friendly Site Award

I was given this award back in October of 2007 and tucked it away there among the other awards in my sidebar. In an effort to clean up and revamp my blog a bit per the advice of a friend, I have decided to pass on my awards to other people so they can be appreciated once again!

If you are a frequent commenter or participant in my Give Me Five meme for Mondays, you stand a pretty good chance of walking away with one of my precious priceless awards! I mean, it's no reason to check your pulse oximeter due to over anticipation but hey, a little link love and an award can offer a nice level of excitement! So without further ado, my first reward to clear out is:

The 'Friendly Site Award' goes to my blogger buddy Tina over at The Creative Nerd. Congrats, Tina, keep up the good work and witty banter! Feel free to appreciate it from afar or you can add it to your blog, if you like. No worries!

1 comment:

Tina Kubala said...

*Blush* Thanks again. Post and link love to follow.