Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That's good news!

As some of you know, the building I rent in was recently sold. This worried me. A lot. you just never know what you are going to get! I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered the rent would remain the same, at least until the end of my current lease. Whew!

The A/C in my living room was making odd noises and blowing warm air the other day for a few hours so I decided to call the new landlord for a meeting. I wanted to meet the guy and also explain the rent situation...long story short, he had not yet received my rent for last month yet...anyway, I called and made an appointment with him for this morning.

When he arrived, he was very pleasant and cooperative and friendly! We had a little chat about the A/C and he said, "You want me change right now?" (He's is of some Latin descent, I believe) He told me about some of the other businesses that are going in to the building and we talked about the restaurant below me. One of the main topics of discussion was about the smoking issue. I explained to him about my over sensitivity to cigarette smoke and he told me they won't be allowed to have smoking in there! There's currently a sign up for no smoking and he said it would remain up! Yay!!!!

Now I don't have to worry about all my clothes, home theater seating and bedding being destroyed by disgusting smoke smell! No offense to smokers out there, but I used to smoke and I know it smells. Thank you God for taking that away from me!


Dawn said...

Glad things went well. I know how ify it can be when a building you are renting in changes hands.

forgetfulone said...

Glad things went well. I thank God for taking the smoking habit away from me, too, and especially taking it from my mom. God is the only reason she was able to quit.