Monday, September 08, 2008

Deleting your blog?

I recently had a friend who recently intentionally deleted his blog...can you imagine? All those posts, all that history gone! I know that sometimes our posts seem irrelevant and insignificant but you just never know who might happen by and for some strange reason, need to read something you've posted!

That's the thing about our written words, once it's out there, it takes on a life of it's own, really. Posts on topics from 'how to catch a man' or 'staying on your monthly budget' all the way to 'where to pick up some Phentermine without a prescription' could some how be *just* what the reader on the other end is looking to get info on! And you never know what that could be, so post on my friends!

I'm happy to report he has revamped his blog and is going to attempt another run of it. Please go by and encourage him to fight the good fight! Tell John over at Defending the Doctrines of Grace I said "Hi!"

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forgetfulone said...

I have several friends who've deleted their blogs only to start again. It's a long, difficult, process. I can't bear the thought of losing almost 4 years worth of blogging stuff!