Friday, January 16, 2009

Big weekend coming up

This is going to be another big weekend for me. No, not like 'I need some diet pills' big, more like it's going to be chock full of activities.

Friday night, I'm going to visit my friends and have dinner. Then it's home and into bed for me!

Saturday day, I am going to a seminar called Journey to Financial Freedom. I can't wait, Crown Financial Ministries is a wonderful and rich source of articles and planning tools and downloadable resources to help you get a grip on your finances and take the driver's seat for a change. If you're anything like me, way too much debt controls my life and I am seeking to make some serious changes to gain control back. Check out the website and see what you can start doing today to honor God by being a good steward of the resources He has provided you. Life doesn't have to be so burdened by money woes!

Saturday evening, I'm going to a fund raiser for the Friends of Missouri Midwives. Funds are needed for legal expenses to forward the legalization of Midwifery in Missouri. The fund raiser is a screening of the movie Orgasmic Birth. This powerful documentary has been featured as 'Birth's best kept secret' on 20/20. Birth has been portrayed as something you dread and not something that certainly can be a beautiful and even an enjoyable experience. I think it's wonderful to show women that they can give birth in other ways and give them options that are less commonly practiced. If you would like to come along to the screening, you may purchase a discounted ticket in advance from the Free the Midwives website.

Saturday overnight, I *may* work, believe it or not, at my second job. One of the other ladies called me a few minutes ago to ask if I could work both Friday and Saturday overnights for her. As much as I need to work both nights, I know there is no way for me to fully benefit from the financial seminar if I am 1/2 asleep from working the night before. Since my education on financial freedom is of utmost importance right now, I feel as though I really need to pass on the Friday night shift in order to be fully aware and on point for taking advantage of every moment of the seminar. Oh yeah and I paid $25 to register for the seminar already, that would be wasteful to sleep through!

Sunday is of course, church day. We also have a Valley Girl Women's Ministry meeting afterwards. I need to make a desert tonight for that....mental note: need to go to store on my way home from friends' house. So, what are your weekend plans?


Lee Holcomb said...


I hope that your seminar on Saturday was insightful and that you learned some practical tools to help you with your personal finances!

Lee @ Crown

BeccaGirl said...

Hello Lee!
Yes, it was wonderful. I loved learning from scripture how God has a plan for us regarding our finances and just how important it is to free myself and my life from the chains of debt. I loved how the speaker, Mr. Roark, explained to us how freeing a budget is (which I already knew first hand) and how scary it can be to get outside that fence! I can't wait to learn more and get back on track and get this debt out of my life once and for all! Some day, I'd like to buy a house, but that burger I bought 4 years ago is still earning interest on my unpaid balance of one of my many credit cards! God forgive me for the sin of bad stewardship over my finances. Shame on me! But with His help and the help of programs like these at Crown, I will take control and get it together once and for all. I have the power of God Himself to help me get it done!

Then I want to help others learn how they can live debt free too. What a treasure to ponder!