Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm just glad I'm not in jail, again.

You've got to hear what happened today...

Picture this, I'm sitting in my office at work. It's around noon, I was looking at some papers on my desk and out falls my speeding ticket that I got back in November. Remember?

Here it comes..............are you ready, are you sitting down?.................I was supposed to be in court this morning at 8 am for the ticket!!! I forgot all about it.

Do you know what happens when you don't show up for court??? A warrant is issued for your arrest! OMG! I called the court phone number provided on the ticket. The lady told me
I would have to come down before the close of today's business and pay everything plus an extra $35 to cancel the warrant! If not, everything from today would be keyed in and the warrant would be issued! So I went to the ATM of MOM and got $160 and went straight there.

Once I was there, I found out that they would take $10 as cancellation fee for the warrant and hold $150 as bond that I would appear on a new court date. Wheewwww! So the court date she gave me? April 15th. I'm not kidding!!!! I was like, NOOOOO!!! After I explained that was the ONLY day I couldn't be in court on, she said, Well, when? I said any day before or any day
after, just not that 1 day. So she gave me May 5th.


I don't want to go back to jail, besides, this would actually be on my record! How do I get
myself into these pickles? I am a mess, truly a mess. I guess you never grow out of the need to have your parents bail ya out from time to time, literally! I was told to keep my receipt with me for atleast the first 24 hours, just in case.


Phoenix said...

Oh man that sucks!! I have actually done this same thing before and I ended up in jail for a few hours it was very scary! I am so glad your mom was able to help and they were able to fix it for you! :)

forgetfulone said...

I love the comment, "ATM of MOM." Sorry you're going through all this. Put it in a calendar, google or yahoo, that sends reminders on dates you specifiy.