Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tonight, fajitas!!!

I am sooo loving having a kitchen I can cook in again! I've come to realize that I have never made a great number of dishes and considering I have always been in love with cooking, it's high time I got started! So tonight, I'm making fajitas complete with green peppers and onions, sour cream and flour tortillas. Yay me!


the blogger said...

Oh, I love fajitas. Everytime we go to a Mexican restaurant, I order them.

BeccaGirl said...

I invited my brother over and he helped me cook everything up. They were *pretty* good. I've had better but my brother liked them alot and said they tasted 'authentic' so there ya go! :)

Jen D said...

Girl, I am soooo glad that your kitchen is finally done!! I love that you are make this time to finish things for you. We need to get our schedule together for a girls nite at your house and you can make fajitas for me!!! I love them too! I'll make desert!

Monica said...

Hey Becca, good luck with the fajitas tonight! I'm sure they'll be delicious!!
My mom and my sister has picked up cooking meals lately as well. My sister recently cooked up something out of Rachel Ray's Big Orange Cookbook... It was along the lines of a New York Deli Mac & Cheese... It had pastrami and toasted rye bread sprinkled on top. It was to die for. Yum!
Do you have a favorite Cookbook?
I recently jut got the Personal Trainer: Cooking for my Nintendo DS, so I'll be trying a few recipes from there. I've never cooked. And my mother was always a control freak/perfectionist to let me help her when I was younger... (lol)

Again, hope the recipe turns out great, maybe pictures later?
Have a fabulous Monday!