Monday, January 12, 2009

Surprise of a bad kind

True story: When I was about 19 years old, I was working part time with odd hours. I came home one day during the middle of the day, while everyone else in the family was at work. When I put my key into the lock of the front door, the door pushed in a bit and I knew instantly that something was wrong. I stepped back and noticed dark foot prints on the door that hadn't been there before. I was afraid.

I knew my neighbor, Don, was a retired police officer and so I ran next door to his house. We called 911, then he grabbed his revolver and we went back to my house. I did have to unlock the front door but as soon as it was open, you knew there was trouble. Everything was ransacked or gone from it's place, I was crying and shaking. My 2 cats were inside but unharmed, to my relief. Don went from room to room making sure no one was still in the house.

When he came to the basement, the door had been broken into and was standing open. Apparently, whoever it was had tried kicking in the front door and was unable to get in that way, also making alot of noise trying. So they proceeded around to the back of the house and found an easier way in. My neighbor Don was convinced that they were most likely *still* in the house when I first arrived home and probably ran out when they heard me at the door! Perhaps if I would have gone ahead and turned that key, things could have turned out so much different.

This was the last straw. This was not the first time our home had been broken into, so my mother decided to get some home security from ADT. We have since had an active account with them and their services have come in handy many times. I firmly believe that if we would have had ADT at the time this event occurred, the alarm would have sounded when they kicked the front door almost completely open and the crime would have ended there.

If you haven't already considered ADT, take a moment to investigate the many security options and services they offer for the safety of your home and family. From your teenage daughter to your senior parents, they provide not only home protection but peace of mind, too. Can you really put a price on crime determent?

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