Monday, May 25, 2009

Pet Peeves. Yeah, I got em'

I have a few pet peeves, I think we all do. As much as we try to be tolerant of other people's habits and quirks, sometimes things bug us and we just can't help it. I'm sure if we could list all our pet peeves we'd end up with a list a mile long!

Today I'd like to mention just one special pet peeve of mine. Any guesses? No, it's not people who look down at their hands while they play piano. No, it's not when people text while driving, although that is high on my list.

Today's pet peeve has to do with telephone calls. Here's the situation, they either:
1. Never have their phone on
2. Never answer the phone when you call
3. Never call back when they see the 'missed call' or
4. Never return your call when you leave a message!

UGH! Seriously...maybe it's the Italian in me, but that is sooo disrespectful. Nothing says, 'you aren't important like to me' like not being answered or called back. Especially if you leave a message saying hey, I need some information you have. I understand people are busy...what, like I'm not?? I guess some people just don't put the same importance on the certain things we do but it really does get under my skin when it happens over and over again with the same people.

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